AMALGAMATION presentation

RM of Daly & Town of Rivers
November 7, 2013 Open House
Manitoba Municipalities Modernization Act
Amalgamation history
 On September 13, 2013, The Province of Manitoba passed BILL
33 creating a new law known as;
They presented the following as their reasoning for promoting
Provinces reasons for amalgamation
 WHEREAS municipal boundaries were first established more than
100 years ago;
 AND WHEREAS the boundaries no longer reflect where people live,
work and do business;
 AND WHEREAS municipalities need to have adequate populations to
provide essential infrastructure and services to their citizens;
 THEREFORE HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent
of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts THE MUNICIPAL
Why did we invite you here?
 3(3) In developing their amalgamation plan, the
municipalities must provide a reasonable
opportunity for members of the public to comment
on the content of the proposed plan.
Your part in the process
 This Open House will provide council the
opportunity to present the draft plan to you, and to
invite your comment on the specifics of the draft
amalgamation plan for the Town of Rivers and The
Rural Municipality of Daly.
 We will be asking for those comments on this
process at the end of our presentation.
The legislation
 The new Municipal Modernization Act provides a
number of regulations which affect both the Rural
Municipality of Daly and the Town of Rivers as they
prepare to amalgamate.
Population of our municipalities
 In this Act, the population of a municipality is to be
determined by reference to the census of population
taken by Statistics Canada in the year 2011.
 2011 Census
 RM of Daly  Town of Rivers -
Do we have to amalgamate?
 3(1) A municipality that consists of an area with
fewer than 1,000 residents must — acting jointly with
its amalgamation partner or partners as identified
under section 4 — prepare an amalgamation plan
respecting the amalgamation of the municipality and
its partner or partners effective January 1, 2015.
When does the plan have to be completed
 3(4) An amalgamation plan must be submitted to the
minister no later than December 1, 2013.
Why is Rivers a part of amalgamation
 4(1) To determine the amalgamation partner or
partners of a municipality that consists of an area
with fewer than 1,000 residents (in this section called
"A“(RM of Daly)) the neighbouring municipalities
must work cooperatively with A, and with each
other, in identifying which of them is to act as A’s
amalgamation partner or partners.
Rivers is a great fit
 4(2) In identifying A's (RM of Daly’s) amalgamation
partner or partners, preference is to be given to the
municipality or municipalities that have the
strongest community of interest with A.
Why is it a good fit
 The RM of Daly and the Town of Rivers already
share many common initiatives
Fire Department
Planning District
Waste disposal site
Conservation District
Community Development Corporation
What about the debts?
 8(8)b) all the debts, obligations and liabilities of the
municipalities that are amalgamated become the
debts, obligations and liabilities of the newly
amalgamated municipality;
 However, the re-payment of existing debt remains
with the corresponding ratepayers as governed by
the current borrowing by-laws until they are paid.
What about police service?
 14.1(1) If a municipality that has its own police
service or that receives policing services from
another police service amalgamates with another
municipality that has its own police service or that
receives policing services from the Royal Canadian
Mounted Police, each policing entity may — despite
any provision of this Act — continue to operate
within the area where the entity provided policing
services before the amalgamation, subject to the
application of subsection (3).
Policing in 5 years
 14.1(2) An amalgamated municipality referred to in
subsection (1) must make arrangements to have a
single policing entity provide policing services in the
municipality in accordance with section 13 or 14, as
the case may be, no later than five years after
 If an amalgamated municipality fails to make
policing arrangements as required by subsection (2)
within five years after amalgamation, policing
services in the municipality after that deadline are to
be provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
under an agreement entered into under section 18.
How are reserves to be spent?
 168(3) A council of a municipality that is formed as a
result of the amalgamation of two or more
municipalities (in this subsection called the "old
municipalities") may, by by-law, require that a
reserve fund established by an old municipality be
used only in relation to expenditures that primarily
benefit the area of the old municipality.
The Plan proposed by Councils
 Councils of both municipal corporations have met
jointly, and drafted a plan to be submitted to the
Province of Manitoba as required by the legislation.
 The Amalgamation Plan for the Town of Rivers and
the RM of Daly contains the following information:
Will we be rural or urban?
 The new municipality will be a “Rural Municipality”
because it will not meet the 400 people per square
kilometer requirement of an urban area.
 Although the town will no longer be a legal
corporation, it will still be known as Rivers.
A new name
 Councils of the RM of Daly and the Town of Rivers
propose that the new municipal corporation be
“Riverdale Municipality”
Where will the new office be?
 The office of the new municipality is proposed for
the current Town of Rivers office.
Boundaries of the municipality
 The new municipality will encompass the former
RM of Daly boundaries and will include the area
currently occupied by the Town of Rivers.
How many councillors will there be?
 The new council size proposed is 6 councillors and 1
Head of Council elected at large from the new
 Determining if Head of Council will be called Reeve
or Mayor will be determined later.
How will my taxes be affected?
 The CAO’s of both corporations have jointly
completed a 2013 Financial Plan comparison, and it
appears that both the RM and the Town share a very
comparable tax requirement. The mill rates are
nearly the same and with the use of special service
and local improvement by-laws, taxation can be
fairly distributed in a manner very similar to how it
is today.
The numbers
Based on 2013 comparisons of Financial Plan.
Total Mill Rates
RM of Daly
Town of Rivers
RM of Daly
Town of Rivers
Election time
 The next municipal election will be held on October 22,
 Kat Bridgeman will be appointed Senior Election Official
for the 2014 Election.
 The Town of Rivers Campaign Expense and Contribution
By-Law will be used in the 2014 General Municipal
When does new Council take over?
 The current Town of Rivers and RM of Daly councils
will remain in office until December 31, 2014.
 The new Riverdale Municipal Council will take office
on January 01, 2015.
 The First meeting of the new Riverdale Municipal
Council will be held on January 13, 2015.
What’s next?
 The requirements for the amalgamation plan are
simple at present. There will be many other things to
work out before 2015. Ensuring that the ratepayers
receive the best service for their tax dollars will be
the most important task as we move ahead.
What can I do to help?
 Your help started by attending this meeting and supporting
your councils as they move forward with amalgamation.
Being involved is an important part of a successful
municipal government.
 Please encourage good people to let their name stand for
the new council. Choose carefully because they will be your
representatives at the new council table. Each member of
council will represent the entire municipality.
 Make sure you vote for them October 22, 2014!!!
Visit our website
 For anyone who would like to review or print a copy of this
presentation, it will be available on the Town of Rivers – RM of
Daly web site at or copies may be obtained
at your municipal office.
 Please forward any further comment you may have, in writing,
before November 15, 2013, to
Rural Municipality of Daly
Box 538
Rivers, Manitoba R0K 1X0
Fax: 204 328-4431
E-mail: [email protected]
Town of Rivers
Box 520
Rivers, Manitoba R0K 1X0
Fax: 204 328-5374
E-mail: [email protected]

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