Welcome Veterans! - MiraCosta College

Getting Started at MiraCosta
College: Quick guide for new
student veterans
In order to apply for benefits you must:
Submit an application for admission to MiraCosta College.
Go to MiraCosta’s Veterans Education Office (building 3300)
and obtain all required forms.
Submit completed forms and a copy of DD214-Member 4 to
the Veterans Education Office. Reservist must submit a copy of
the Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE). Active Duty need to
submit Tuition Assistance form.
 Request
official transcripts from all previously attended
colleges, universities, and training institutes. This
includes military transcripts. Send transcripts to
MiraCosta College Admissions and Records Office.
Request they be evaluated
Obtain a MiraCosta class schedule. (available online)
Select the classes you will take and enroll. Go to SURF to
enroll for classes. SURF is on MiraCosta’s homepage
online. In your SURF account, you will be able to view
your enrollment appointment. Your enrollment
appointment is the day you can register for classes.
 You
must be enrolled in classes prior to requesting
certification for VA Educational Benefits. These
courses must apply toward completion of a degree or
approved Certificate of Achievement.
**If you are unsure about course selection ASK a general counselor for
assistance. General counselors are located in Building 3700 on the
Oceanside Campus or in the Admissions building in the San Elijo Campus.
After you enroll in classes go to the Veterans
Education Office and fill out a letter of intent. Bring
the letter of intent to the Cashier’s Office for
payment. (You will need to repeat this step every
semester you are receiving benefits)
If this is your first semester at MiraCosta college you
must meet with a counselor to complete an
educational plan after all your transcripts have been
evaluated. You must have an education plan before
the end of your first semester.
 Visit the Veterans Education Office EACH semester
after enrolling in courses to request class certification
in order to continue receiving VA benefits.
All students must be classified as either resident or non-resident
for tuition purposes. Two factors are considered when
determining residency classification:
Lived in California for at least one year and one day
(physical presence)
Taken action to make California their legal residence for at
least one year and one day prior to the start of the term
(intent to reside)
Students need to prove both physical residence and intent to
reside in order to be considered a resident for tuition purposes.
of August 1, 2011, the VA no longer pays out-of-state charges.
The following are examples that may demonstrate a student’s
intent to reside in California. At least one of the documents
must be dated more than one year prior to the start of the term:
 CA Drivers license
 Filing California State income taxes
 California resident vehicle registration
Employment or carrying on of a business in California
Bank statements or bills showing a California address
Ownership of property or apartment rental contract/lease in California
Active membership in California service or social organizations
Verification of California public assistance
Transcripts showing California school attendance
Examples of actions that are inconsistent with a claim for California
Claiming residency in another state
Voting in another state
Petitioning for a divorce or lawsuit as a resident in another state
Claiming residency at an out-of-state institution
Filing as a nonresident on income tax
Maintaining out of state driver’s license/vehicle registration
In California just for school
Note to Active Duty:
 If you’re from another state and continue to go to school in CA
when discharged, you must change your residential status to CA.
Otherwise you will be considered an out-of-state resident.
Required to find out what Math and English courses to take
◦ Unless proof of prerequisite completion is provided.
Oceanside Testing Office
Bldg. 3300, Rm. 3334
Phone: (760) 795-6685
San Elijo Testing Office
Bldg. 100, Rm. 101
Phone: (760) 944-4449
Testing Hours
Call for testing hours.
An education plan outlines the courses you need to complete to
successfully transfer, complete a certificate or associates degree at
MiraCosta College.
You will need to create an education plan before the end of your first
semester at MiraCosta College.
Submit official transcripts for all previously attended colleges, universities,
and training institutes to the Office of Admissions and Records (building
3300). Request that they be evaluated. (Submit transcripts well in advance
before seeing a counselor, the evaluation process may take several weeks).
Once your transcripts have been evaluated , a counselor will be able to
better assist you in creating an education plan.
You must make an appointment as soon as possible with a
counselor by one of the following:
In person
◦ Counseling Office
Building 3700
By phone
◦ (760) 795-6670
◦ Through student services link:
 Counseling webpage
 Veterans Information Center Page
You must choose classes that correspond and fulfill
your education plan requirements.
Veterans Education Benefits will not cover classes that
are not a part of your education plan.
Veterans Education Office (benefits)
◦ Oceanside Campus
Building 3300
◦ Phone: (760) 757-2121 Ext: 6285
Veteran’s Information Center
◦ Oceanside, CA 92056
Building 3000, Room 3033
◦ Phone: (760) 757-2121 Ext: 6222
On your decision to further your education and expand
your career options.

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