Session Objectives
Review of IRIS Connect
Why IRIS Connect?
What has happened so far?
Training and on-going support
What is IRIS Connect?
IRIS connect is a professional development tool
It uses video cameras and a secure web-based application to record lesson
The system is designed to put individuals in control of observations
Each user has their own account from which they can schedule observations & control how
they share the video amongst their peers.
Why IRIS Connect?
Collaborating is key for effective professional development
Contextualised learning provides effective adult learning
High quality teachers depend on professional development
There are significant benefits of using this technology.....
The challenge:
creating the right environment!
Where are we up to?
All agreements & necessary documentation have been signed
Cameras have been dispatched to schools, accounts set-up & licenses allocated
Schools should be contacting ELECTROBOARD to complete the installation process
ELB Helpdesk
1800 060 636
For best results:
A plan is in place for how teachers interact with IRIS Connect
Teacher use of the system focuses on improved student outcomes
Teachers are well trained
Teachers need to feel comfortable in their use of the system
Leadership Meeting
Identify the IRIS Champs who will use IRIS Connect first
- explore IRIS in detail
- understand how it fits into the school's objectives
- provide access to the rest of the community
Identify a specific teaching strategy
- what is the focus of the implementation?
- how does IRIS align to the school's strategic plan?
What needs to happen next?
Completion of the install with ELB Helpdesk(post Helpdesk call)
ELB Education Consultant to meet with Leadership Team at school to plan
IRIS Connect implementation and deliver training to IRIS champs - please refer to Pages 4-6 in
the Leadership guide
Forthcoming Training
Webinars, Term 1 2014
Administrator Training (for Location & Technical Administrators) 45 mins
Tuesday February 4th 2014;
Tuesday March 11th 2014
Getting Started (for all users) 60 mins
Wednesday February 5th 2014;
Wednesday March 12th 2014
Videos online
To be made available on-line
IRIS Connect National forum
November 13 2013, 4:00 - 5:00pm
IRIS Connect National Forum
* What are your uses for IRIS Connect?
* How do you increase self reflection and sharing
amongst staff?
* What is the potential for collaboration?
Further reading
Chifley College Mount Druitt, case study
From Good to Great
Innovation in Teaching and Learning

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