Making accessible content accessible
Existing solutions
Pilar Orero
UNESCO Conference
Dehli 24-26th November 2014
From Exclusion to Empowerment
* 1. Political agenda
UN mandates and offers examples to comply
* 2. Technologies
UN/ITU defines standards
*Raise awareness
*Adopt a logo
*Flag with logos
* Political
Establish collaborations within media
accessibility stakeholders across value chain
Share experience and approaches
* Technology
Share existing technologies, workflows, content
* Political
Adapt UN mandates to national reality
Establish a clear roadmap: long, medium, short terms
Invest on “raising awareness” as priority # 1
* Technology
Adapt existing technologies to language situation and
translation tradition:
Multilingual country/bilingual country
* Political
Establish joint agendas
Join for common research and development
* Technologies
Reuse and recycle before developing
User-centric development and testing
• Combines broadcast, broadband and interactive
• Permits personalised synchronised value-add
• Access services via IP seamlessly integrated
• Accommodating the range of devices & formats
• Ensuring that synchronised means synchronised
• Presenting a simple, good quality, usable UI
• Motivating providers to make content accessible
• Subtitling (subtitle automatic translation)
• Audio description (automatic translation and speech
• Spoken subtitles (speech technologies)
• Sign language (avatars)
• Clean Audio
BBC commissioning rates for Drama, per hour:
- daytime low-cost: £50,000 - £500,000
- lower to mid cost: £500,000 - £700,000
- high cost drama: £700,000 - £900,000
- premium drama: £900,000+
Source: BBC website
*£500 is 0.1%
There is a 1000:1 difference
between TV production budgets
and subtitling budgets
Yet subtitles can deliver a 10% extra audience reach:
- hearing impaired audience
- language learners
- noisy viewing environments
• Initially restricted to news domain
• Requires advance knowledge of vocabulary
• Builds on SAVAS and SUMAT projects
*Contribute / Distribute:
• There is a need for technical simplification
• Contribution standard has been EBU-STL
• Now we need to deliver:
Thank you
Dr Pilar Orero
[email protected]

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