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2015 Thrivent Builds Homes National Kick-off
What is Thrivent Builds?
Roles and Descriptions
Build Schedule/Calendar/Checklist
Reporting requirements
Working with Thrivent Financial
Next steps
Thrivent Financial
Purpose – to serve our members and society by
guiding both to be wise with money and live
• Financial Services Company with over 100
years of service.
• Unique:
Fraternal Benefit Society
Membership Organization of Christians
Fortune 500
Connecting faith and finances for good
Succeed when members, families, and communities
Habitat for Humanity
• Global nonprofit Christian housing
• Constructs, rehabilitates and preserves
homes with families
• Have reached 1,000,000 families
• Advocates for fair and just housing
• HFHI’s Mission Statement:
– Habitat seeks to put God’s love in action by bringing
people together to build homes, communities and hope
Thrivent Builds & HFH Framework
Thrivent Builds Family of programs
• Thrivent Builds Repairs
Fast and easy – Simplicity built in!
Pick a day or two and help with basic outside home repairs, like:
caulking windows, painting the house, building a wheelchair ramp,
fixing a porch, or cleaning up the yard.
Thrivent Builds Repairs is all about joining other volunteers for basic
exterior home repair projects. Short-term projects … with long-term
benefits. Quite simply, it’s people helping people.
• Thrivent Builds Worldwide
You can take a trip domestically or internationally – see the Thrivent
Builds trip catalog on the website.
1-2 week trips available.
Make a difference for a family – provide a life-changing experience for
the volunteer.
Gain a deeper appreciation of what we have and broaden personal
understanding of poverty.
Thrivent Builds Homes
• With the support of Habitat affiliates,
Thrivent chapters, Christian congregations
and many other supporters, the Thrivent
Builds Homes program has had a
tremendous impact since its very
• Through 2014, Thrivent Financial has
committed more than $200 million to build
over 2,000 homes in the U.S.
• Volunteers will have committed more than
4 million hours in support of their own
communities. (That’s almost 700 years!!)
Thrivent Builds Team is Here to Help you!
Senior Associate –
Thrivent Builds (SATB):
• Anne Anderson – West
• Gary Irmiter – Midwest
• Judy Dinger – East
Organizational Development
Consultant – Thrivent (ODC-T):
• Iris Dooling – West
• James Chaffin – Midwest
• Gib Edson – East
The Thrivent Builds Team
Habitat Affiliate Project Leader
• The Affiliate Project Leader is the first point of
contact for the build.
• Responsible for:
– Enlisting staff and volunteers to guarantee a
successful build.
– Completion of Volunteer Name Submission
– Update and submitting of Affiliate Monthly Report.
– Overseeing submission of milestone documents
meeting deadline requirements.
Thrivent Builds
Chapter Specialist
• May coordinate volunteer recruitment and fund
raising efforts.
• May enlist congregational-level support .
• Updates Chapter Leadership Board on activities
Thrivent Builds
Congregational Champion/Advocate
• May support local Thrivent Builds work
efforts, including recruiting volunteers within
the congregation.
• May augment local fundraising efforts.
Thrivent Community Engagement Team
• The CET is the critical link that guarantees a
successful build because they have a relationship
with the HFH affiliate.
• Work within their geographic zones on many levels to
provide opportunities for our members and others to
live out their faith and values.
• Encourages FR efforts to connect with build events
and community participation on site.
Organizational Development Consultant
- Thrivent Builds (ODC-T)
- Gib Edson
- James Chaffin
- Iris Dooling
• The ODC-T is the critical link between the
program and the local affiliates
• Provides vetting of affiliates TBH & TBR
• Monitor Affiliate Monthly Reports
• Monitors Milestone 1 and Milestone 2
• Monitor the volunteer name submission
Thrivent Home Office Support –
Senior Associate Thrivent Builds (SATB)
- Anne – West Div
- Judy – East Div
- Gary – Midwest Div
• Provides program support and guidance to CET
• Program Experts
• Coordinates the application and awards
process for TB Homes and TB Repairs
• Monitors milestone allocation funding
• Joins with ODC-T to monitor name
Build Schedule
Planning your build with the
completion date in mind
Calendar and Checklist
Affiliate Monthly Report Page 1
Affiliate Monthly Report Page 2
Milestones Quick
Reference Guide
Thrivent Builds Homes
Cash donations
Gifts In Kind
– Materials
– Skilled Labor
Partnering together
– Thrivent Chapter
– Thrivent Choice Dollars from members
– Local Congregations
– Habitat for Humanity supporters
Visit www.thriventbuilds.com/resources for additional tools
Reporting Requirements –
Name Submission
• Submit all volunteer names within
14 days ensuring complete and
accurate information.
• Submit names only via the secure
names submission website
More information by be found at:
- under Thrivent Builds Homes
- Submitting Volunteer Names
Working with Thrivent Financial –
Key Staff on the ground to support
the TB effort
• A Thrivent Financial Representative (FR) is someone who is
licensed to give financial advice and offer financial products
and services to help families plan for their financial future.
They help members be wise with money and live generously.
They can be the ‘face of TB’ working alongside the HFH
• Community Engagement Team (CET) is a Thrivent employee
working alongside the FR to enhance relationship-building
within the community. In addition, their role is to unearth
opportunities to engage Thrivent members and others in all
aspects of Thrivent Builds.
What makes Thrivent Builds so important to
Thrivent Financial Representatives (FRs)?
FRs are critical to the success of
the Thrivent Builds partnership!
Why the FR Connection is
Important to HFH Affiliates
FRs Can Do the Following:
Recruit Thrivent members, churches, civic
organizations and other volunteers to meet
the 25% Thrivent volunteer goals.
Be the conduit between donors and HFH to
raise funds, and provide in-kind donations.
Invite and introduce others to the TB Homes
program who share the same value of giving
back to their communities.
FRs can advocate for the need for decent
housing in their local area and globally.
Take photos to share on Social Media
FRs want to live out their mission and values
through the Thrivent Builds effort
• Provide FR build dates,
and time with volunteers
on the build site.
• Provide opportunities for
the FR to be the ‘Face of
Thrivent’ at Ground
Blessings and
When Thrivent is Successful, Habitat is Successful
Mission Partnership:
• By engaging more members in Thrivent Builds and reaching out
to non-members to join the effort, Thrivent grows and HFH grows.
That growth will create more opportunities within our
communities to live out our faith and values.
• A mission partnership is a relationship that has the sense of
commitment that can deepen and develop over a period of time.
The relationship is transformational, changing individual lives,
families and the community at large for good.
Resources are Plentiful
Find the ones that work best for you and discuss your
needs with your CET/FR
• HFH calendar and checklist, milestone information, monthly
reporting and names submission can be found here:
• Also, please visit for following link for additional resources
Thrivent Builds Resources Website
Thrivent Builds Branded Items can
Also be Found on the TB WEB Site
TB letterhead
TB brochures and posters
One-page ideas to engage FRs
TB signage on each build site (required)
TB banners and signs to create mobile
photo opportunities
• TB hats, T-shirts and bandanas
Media – Tell the TB Story…and Tell Your Story
Press releases to local radio, TV and newspapers
Bulletin inserts, church newsletters, web sites
Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and others
National Announcement from HFHI and Thrivent January 21st
– Social media, press release, Time Square sign
• Make the message your own, make it personal and local, take
• Resources available on the website
A Key to Success is Found in Building and
Deepening the Relationship.
Next Steps:
SATBs and ODC-Ts are available to individual TB teams to answer specific
Submit 1st Milestone (March 1 deadline) 2nd part of M1 can be submitted
when 1st volunteers have been on site, and names have been submitted to
the secure WEB site.
Submit 2nd Milestone when build is complete – must have COO by Dec 31st.
Hold a strategic planning meeting with Thrivent and Habitat staff ASAP.
Early in 2015, TB will email pre-populated Affiliate Monthly Reports to you.
First Affiliate Monthly Report due on or before February 20th.
Keep in mind – What do you want to accomplish in this partnership and how
will you achieve it? Celebrate the joys and the wins throughout the build!

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