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Newham CCG
Latent Tuberculosis Screening and
Treatment Programme
28th March 2014
Dr Margaret Chirgwin – Programme Director
Primary Care Strategy
What is Latent TB?
• Latent TB is when a person has TB bacteria
in their body without causing any symptoms.
These bacteria can survive in the body for
many years. Sometimes latent TB bacteria
can ‘wake-up’. If this happens to someone,
they will become ill with active TB
• At least one in ten people who have latent TB
infection (LTBI) will become ill at some point
during their lifetime – the majority in the first
10 years of coming to the UK
What is Newham CCG doing about TB in
The present service is focussed on those
with active TB
– GP suspects a person has TB and sends
them to Newham General to see the team
– Outreach service provided by ELFT supports
people to register with a GP and if at high risk
of TB will offer them screening and then
referral to the hospital
– All babies born in Newham has BCG
What is Newham CCG going to do about
TB in Newham?
The new service – in addition to the present
1. All new patients registering with a GP in
Newham who are aged 16-50 and at high
risk of having LTBI will be offered a blood
test (IGRA)
2. There will be a rolling programme across all
practices to look at those already registered
and send them a letter inviting them to have
the same blood test
Who is High Risk? Come to UK in last 10 years from:
What happens if a person has a positive
blood test?
• They will meet with their GP and discuss if
they wish to be treated or prefer to be
vigilant – wait and see if their LTBI wakes
• If they decide they would like to be treated
they will need to have some further blood
tests and a chest X-ray before starting the
3 month treatment

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