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Marketing and Sponsorship
Training April 2012
Marketing and Sponsorship Training 2012
Promotional Methods
1. Promotional Methods
• Advertising Policy
• Posters
• Flyers
• Plasma Adverts
• Show Boards & Stall Hire
• Banner Adverts & Event Listings
• Media Groups
• Social Media
2. Marketing Resources
4. Sponsorship
Marketing and Sponsorship Training 2012
All advertising must:
• Be appropriate and relevant to students
• Not promote a event held at another nightclub / bar venue on a Wednesday or Saturday
• Not use inappropriate images of people which could be deemed to be abusive, obscene
or contravene equal opportunities and safe space policies
• Not use alcohol as the main selling point of the event – drinks offers should include soft
drink alternatives and not have a big presence on the poster
If your posters meet all the above criteria they will be approved using the ‘BUSU Approved’
stamp. If you would rather have an electronic stamp of approval you can email your artwork
through to [email protected]
Marketing and Sponsorship Training 2012
• All posters must be approved before they go to print
• SU Marketing can approve posters either in person or via email: [email protected]
• Posters can be printed in the SU Resource room. Keys can be obtained from the Activities
• The Students’ Union has only 5 notice boards where we can display A4 posters only
• 2 x mech eng, 1 x physics, 2 x SU Corridor
• Marketing will put these up for you so drop them into the office once printed
Poster Policy
• The University has a strict poster policy in place which all students must adhere to
• This means students can not display posters anywhere other than the designated SU
boards unless specific permission is granted. This includes all retail outlets, pillars, halls
Marketing and Sponsorship Training 2012
• All flyers MUST be approved before they go to print
• SU Marketing can approve flyers either in person or via email: [email protected]
• Flyers can be printed using your club / society / group code in the SU Resource room. Keys can be
obtained from the Activities office. This will be automatically charged to your account
• If you are looking to print higher quality flyers you may want to go to the Print Unit on campus in 8
West, 1.35
• On the Parade
• Clubs / societies and student groups can flyer on the parade. Flyers of course must have been
approved. You also need to get a permission letter from the Marketing Department before you
distribute on the parade
• Kitchen Drops
• Doing a kitchen drop is the only route to the halls of Residences. Students are NOT allowed to
distribute flyers door to door
• You need a permission letter from Marketing before you do a Kitchen drop
• Kitchen drops are very popular and need to be booked in advance. They can only be done
between 3.30 – 5pm. You need at least 200 flyers to make this worth while
Please note flyers can not be placed on the tables in the Student Centre or any commercial outlet without
special permission from the Marketing Department.
Marketing and Sponsorship Training 2012
Plasma Screens
• The Students’ Union has 33 Plasma Screens
• Students are allowed to advertise on these screens for FREE
• Adverts must be designed to specific dimensions
• Students can use the iMac to design artwork. Advice and guidance is available
• Consider the size of the screens during design
• Videos are an option but please note there is no sound
• Adverts need to be emailed through to [email protected]
• 720 x 1196 pixels saved as JPEG (Portrait)
• 1280 x 634 pixels saved as JPEG (Landscape)
• MP4 Files no bigger than 100MB
Marketing and Sponsorship Training 2012
Show Boards & Stalls
Show Boards
• The show boards are available for clubs and societies to
paint and decorate
• Arrange through the Activities Office
• Book in advance as they are very popular
• Can be time consuming and usually require two coats of
Stalls outside the front of the library
Stalls can be booked through your relevant department. i.e. Clubs and
Societies through the activities office. Volunteer groups through the volunteer
centre etc
These stalls are very popular so must be booked in advance. You can currently
only book a maximum of 3 days in one week
Marketing and Sponsorship Training 2012
Banner Adverts
All Clubs and Societies and Student Groups can advertise using banner adverts on
You must book in advance as there is limited spaces available
You must be promoting a specific event / activity
Your advert must have a link
468 x 60 pixels saved as giff
Events Listing
• Clubs and Societies may be able to have their event linked on the SU Homepage
• The event must already be created elsewhere and it must have an image
• Email details through to [email protected]
Marketing and Sponsorship Training 2012
Media Groups
bathimpact - Student newspaper
Submit articles, adverts, publicity directly to:
Sports: [email protected]
Societies / Student Groups: [email protected]
Campus television - Ctv
Ctv can film and record your society activities and events. This can be edited
to produce a documentary or short clip
University Radio Bath - URB
URB can play at your event, or even record it with interviews.
They can also do promotional clips for your events for you
You can also hire the URB Roadshow or DJs for your own party or ball
For all Media enquiries visit their webpage for contact details
Marketing and Sponsorship Training 2012
Social Media
• 5845 ‘Likes’
• Post any events / updates on our page
• If you have photo albums we can share them just
send through the link.
• Follow us @BathSU
• Mention us in tweets and we will Retweet you
Marketing and Sponsorship Training 2012
Marketing Resources
There is an iMac in the Marketing office for students to use. Advice and support can
be given. Just pop into the Marketing Office to make a booking.
Flip Camera
• The Marketing office has 3 flip cameras which can be lent out to students. Students
must sign a declaration form and will be responsible for any loss or damage. Please
book these through the Marketing Office.
Footage can be turned into a video in the Marketing office if needed and linked on
the BUSU Homepage. You can even approach CTV for help.
The Marketing office has an iPad which is also available for Students to borrow. This
can be great for selling tickets, running surveys, gaining membership, for
presentations and much more. Once again this can be booked through the marketing
Marketing and Sponsorship Training 2012
All sponsorship agreements MUST come through the SU Marketing Department even
if they are renewals from previous agreements
From June 2012 there will be an online form clubs / societies and student groups must
complete before you undertake the process of seeking sponsorship
Please note all contracts must be signed by the relevant area Sabbatical Officer
All invoicing MUST be arranged through the SU Marketing Office
Reports will need to be made at the end of each year
Please book meetings with Helen Freeman in the SU Marketing Office to discuss the full
Sponsorship process.
Marketing and Sponsorship Training 2012
Thanks for listening
Any questions please contact [email protected]
Marketing and Sponsorship Training 2012

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