Santa Rosa County - Florida Green School Network

Santa Rosa County
Creating strong partnerships for healthier
schools and healthier students
Presented by:
Ginny Hinton, MPH
UF/IFAS Santa Rosa County Extension Service
Leah Roberts, RD, CDE, CSSD, LDN
Santa Rosa County Health Department
•Population: 154,104
•Demographics: 88.2% White; 6% Black;
2% Asian, 4.6% Hispanic
•88.4% graduated High School, 24.7%
Bachelors or higher
Percent free and reduced: 15%-87%
Number of Schools: 18 Pre-K/Elementary
8 Middle
6 High School
Student BMI Data
 Collected yearly for grades 1, 3 and 6
 Data summarized and reviewed by School Health
Advisory Council (SHAC)
 BMI data presented to School Board each Spring
by School Health Nursing Specialist and Sodexo
Santa Rosa County BMI data
 Our children are becoming more overweight by
the time they are twelve compared to when
they entered the district at age 5.
Grade BMI Comparison Overweight & Obese
1st grade
3rd grade
6th grade
BMI Challenge: how can we reverse
the trend?
 Identify goals and target grades/schools through
 Utilize school nutrition program evaluation data for
continuous programmatic improvement
 Mobilize community partners through the Childhood
Obesity subcommittee
 Determine our next steps by identifying gaps in
knowledge (CHANGE Tool assessments, current or
proposed food service initiatives and education
SHAC members
•Santa Rosa County Health Department
-Nursing Program Specialist (co-chair)
- Tobacco Prevention Specialists & Registered Dietician
•Santa Rosa District Schools
- Health Services Coordinator (co-chair)
- School District Wellness Coordinators & HR Services Manager
- After School/Summer Snack Program Coordinators
•UF/IFAS County Extension Service
- FCS/Family Nutrition Program Agent
- 4H Youth Development Agent & Program Assistant
•Sodexo School Food Service
•Pediatric Specialists of America (PSA)
•Healthy Start
•Early Learning Coalition
•Santa Rosa Pediatrics
Santa Rosa County School District
•School Board supports nutrition & wellness policy
changes recommended by SHAC
•Supports and markets community agency involvement
in schools
•After school programs receptive to healthful snack
menu changes
•Funded full-time nutrition educator to deliver
nutrition lessons to 6 elementary schools
•Sponsored nutrition-related “family nights” at
elementary schools.
•Partnered with Extension Service to offer
nutrition education to teachers
•Facilitated school applications for HUSSC
awards (Santa Rosa won 9 Gold Awards
of Distinction)
UF/IFAS Extension Services
Family Nutrition Program (FNP)
Interactive Nutrition Education
•Provided monthly nutrition education at
6 elementary schools
•Evidence-based curriculum delivered
by 2 nutrition educators
•Partner agency for school “family night”
and staff nutrition education/wellness
•Developed monthly web-based parent
• Provided program evaluation tools
4H Youth Development
-After-school program offered experiential learning
activities in nutrition and healthy lifestyles at 7
elementary schools
-“4H Health Rocks” healthy lifestyles curriculum
utilized at 1 middle school and elementary after-school
-Provided 4H curricula to teachers for school
enrichment programs
Horticulture & Agriculture Programs
-Agent and Master Gardeners assisted with building
school gardens
-- Agent provided educational support to teachers and
Improved “parent-friendly” BMI letters sent home after
screening identified students at either <5% or > 85%
Created nutrition education display boards for 6th
grade BMI screenings
Developed BMI brochure to increase parent education:
• What is BMI? Why is it an important screening tool?
• Liquid calories count
•NIH calorie requirements chart (ages 4-18)
Kid Power Nutrition Education
Outreach to Pediatricians
Successful policy change efforts
1. BMI Wellness Policy Training: New mandatory yearly
training for SRC schools that discusses faculty’s “role in
preventing or combating childhood obesity” by honoring
the Wellness Policy guidelines
2. No Food as a Reward: Alternatives such as social
rewards added to Wellness Policy
3. Reviewed after school snack compliance with Wellness
Policy, resulting in total makeover of snacks ordered to
meet requirements. Snacks meeting HUSSC guidelines
were added to Wellness Policy
4. Implemented Walking School Bus
district policy

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