Estimating the 2% for CRCT-M

Estimating the 2%
What is the CRCT-M?
• The CRCT-M is a grade-level alternate
assessment designed for eligible students with
– Grades 3 – 8
• Reading
• Mathematics
• English/Language Arts
– Students must take the CRCT for any subject in
which the student does not take the CRCT-M.
– All students must take the Science and Social
Studies CRCT.
Estimating the 2%
• The 2% cap pertains to the number/percent of
proficient students who can be included in
accountability calculations per Federal
– Calculation is made at the district level and not at
the school level.
– Districts need to be strategic and thoughtful as
they coordinate and monitor across schools.
Estimating the 2%
• Similar to the 1%, districts may assess more
than 2% but only 2% may be included as
proficient in accountability calculations.
– Districts must be careful: if more than 2% are
assessed, the overage must be included as notproficient in accountability calculations.
Estimating the 2%
• The 2% calculation is based on the number of
enrolled students in accountability grades at the
time of testing.
• Eligibility guidelines must be followed – only
eligible students may participate in the CRCT-M (or
the GAA).
Relation to the 1%
• A district may exceed the 2% only to the extent the
district is under the 1%.
– If a district assesses .8% on the GAA, the district
may have 2.2% proficient on the CRCT-M.
• A district may exceed 3% only if a waiver has been
granted to exceed the 1%.
– If a district has received a waiver to allow for 1.15% on the
GAA, the district may have a total of 3.15% included in
accountability calculations.
– Districts must continue to apply for 1% waivers.
– There is no waiver for 2%.
Enrollment in accountability Grades =
• About 11% SWD in state population
• A system that is similar to the state might have
about 110 SWD.
• Ideally a school or system should only test up to
allowable percents for SWD.
– 1% on GAA = 10 SWD
– 2% on CRCT-M = 20 SWD
– The remaining 8% would take CRCT = 80 SWD
In this example it is assumed that the participation guidelines are followed and only
eligible students are assessed with the GAA and CRCT-M.
• There is no waiver for the 2% per Federal
– If the number of students who achieve a
proficient score on the CRCT-M in a district
exceeds 2%, the overage will be included as nonproficient in accountability calculations.
• With the implementation of the CRCT-M, the
interim flexibility for the SWD subgroup is no
longer available.
Questions about the administration of the CRCT-M:
Mary Nesbit-McBride, Ph.D.
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Questions about accountability calculations:
Joanne Leonard
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Nancy Haight
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Cowen Harter
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