What is “windows 7”?

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What is an operating system (O.S) ?
Previous versions of Microsoft Windows O.S .
 Windows 7 overview.
 Boot performance .
 Benefits of using Windows 7 .
 Windows 7 system requirements .
 Flavors of Windows 7.
 Features of Windows 7.
 User-friendly GUI
 Performance considerations of Windows 7
 Conclusion
Definition :
An Operating System is an interface between user and
hardware of a computer system.
Goals of O.S :
• To make the computer system convenient to use.
• To use the computer hardware in an efficient manner.
Purpose of O.S :
The purpose of an operating system is to provide an environment
in which a user may execute programs.
Process management
Memory management
Virtual file system
Device drivers
Graphical user interfaces
Release date
Product name
Last IE
May 1990
Windows 3.x
July 1993
Windows NT
August 1995
Windows 95
June 1998
Windows 98
February 2000
Windows 2000
No longer supported
September 2000
Windows Me
Extended Support until July 13,
October 2001
Windows XP
Current for SP2 and SP3
(RTM and SP1 unsupported).
November 2006
(volume licensing)
January 2007
Windows Vista
Current. Version Changed to
NT 6.0.6001 with SP1
(February 4 08)
July 2007
Windows Home
February 2008
Windows Server
October 22, 2009
Windows 7
What is “windows 7”?
Most Recent version of Microsoft Windows
Operating system.
Windows 7 was released to Manufacturing on July
22,2009,and reached general retail availability on
October 22,2009.
Performance : Windows 7 starts, shuts down, and resumes
from Standby faster than earlier versions of Windows.
Reliability :Reliability improvements in Windows 7 include
a Fault Tolerant Heap that resolves common memory
management issues.
Application Compatibility :A key engineering goal for
Microsoft is that software that runs on Windows Vista will
run as well or better on Windows 7.
Device Compatibility : As with software, Microsoft set an
engineering goal that devices that work with Windows Vista will
also work with Windows 7—and has greatly expanded the list of
devices and peripherals that are being tested for compatibility
Security : Windows 7 delivers new capabilities to better protect
your security and privacy, and makes existing security features
such as User Account Control and Windows Defender easier to
Improved Battery Life : Improvements to power management in
Windows 7 will help extend the battery life of your mobile PC.
Get quicker access to all of your stuff
Manage open windows more easily
Quickly find what you’re looking for
Share files and printers among multiple PCs
Stay entertained effortlessly
Easily create and share movies
Connect to networks easily
Do more and wait less
Don’t leave programs behind
Offers your PC better protection
Boot time is fast. On the same computer, Vista booted in
approximately 80 seconds. Windows 7 booted in 50 seconds.
That's about a 38% fast boot time with Windows 7 .
Applications load faster. With Vista it took approximately 30
seconds. Windows 7 loaded in 20 seconds
The installation is faster than Windows Vista
Windows 7 Starter Edition
Windows 7 Home Basic
Windows 7 Home Premium
 Windows
7 Professional
Windows 7 Enterprise
Windows 7 Ultimate
More personal: Redecorate your desktop with fun new themes,
slide shows, or handy gadgets.
Performance improvements: Designed to sleep and resume
quicker, be less memory hungry, and spot USB devices faster.
Play To: Play your media on other PCs, stereos, or TVs around
the house.
Remote Media Streaming: Enjoy music and video on your
home PC—even when you\'re not at home.
Windows Touch: Pair Windows 7 with a touch screen and you
won't always need a keyboard or mouse.
When you open files and programs, their icons show up on the
taskbar so you can switch between them.
In Windows 7, the taskbar puts what you want to do at your
You decide where each program goes so you know precisely
where to click.
An icon for any newly installed program temporarily placed at the
bottom of the Start menu so you can drag it to the taskbar for
convenient access in the future.
Taskbar Pin
You can pin frequently used programs to the taskbar or even
pin a specific document to a program.
You’ll see live thumbnails of each open
window so you can keep track of the files
and programs you’re using and select them
more easily.
Aero Peek
 View the Desktop temporarily without minimizing all open
windows or applications
Simply hover your cursor over the far-right side of the
taskbar and all your open windows will become
Taskbar Peek
 Peek at a specific window to see exactly where it is by either
using the live thumbnail previews or by using Windows Flip
(ALT + TAB) to quickly cycle through running windows.
Pausing the cursor on a thumbnail will
bring the highlighted window into full
size view.
Jump Lists
 Provide quick access to common tasks
 Available from right-clicking any of the icons on the taskbar
or by dragging the icon towards the center of the desktop.
 These dynamic lists automatically show you files based on
how often and how recently you’ve done things
Aero Snap
Maneuvering between windows is a pain, and comparing the
content of two windows side by side requires awkward
resizing that never quite works.
 Are a way to view files with common characteristics even if
those files are located in different places
 Makes it easier to view, organize, manage, and search for files
without the hassle of organizing the files into specific folders.
Windows 7
automatically creates
libraries for items
such as documents,
music, pictures, and
Searching from the start Menu :
The Search box in the Start menu is a fast and easy access
point for all your programs, data, and PC settings.
Just type a few letters in the Search box, and you’ll be
presented with a list of matching programs, documents,
pictures, music, e-mail, and other files, all arranged by
Federated search :
Windows 7 supports searching for documents beyond the
user’s own PC, as well as a preview of search results
Sharing with HomeGroup
Home Groups let you easily link Windows 7 computers on
your home network to share pictures, music, videos,
documents and devices such as a printer.
Parental Control
Quickly set up your PC so it helps keep your kids safe. You
can keep them away from the wrong kind of games and set
limits for how much time they're on the PC
Problem steps recorder
Automatically capture the steps you take on a computer,
including a text description of where you clicked and a picture
of the screen during each click.
Once you capture these steps, you can save them to a file that
can be used by a support professional or someone else helping
you with a computer problem.
Windows 7 helps meet the needs of both end users and IT
professionals, to make the things that people do today faster
and easier .
Windows 7 focused on delivering greater customer satisfaction
in both big and small ways.

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