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Free Job Opportunity
What We Are
At make my job, we work for a main
purpose: “Making people go to work
with a smile” This is our mission.
According to the happiness
economist Sir Richard Layard,
satisfaction with work is one of the
most crucial factors for overall
happiness of a person.
This is why the work we do at make my job is so meaningful; if we excel in
matching the right people with the right jobs, we make a huge difference in the
quality of lives and the happiness of people, or in other words: we will produce
millions of smiles, day after day, in many parts of the world.
Free Job Opportunity
What We Do
Basically we Provide you an
Opportunity to job at no
cost. The Only work you have
to do is to Advertise About our
Company to other People or
simply Spread our Network.
You have to advertise our Product. We have to Make our Network and
this Will be done by you.
Free Job Opportunity
What We Do
Free Job Opportunity
Our Work
Different ways of Advertisement:
Expensive & time Consuming, required team of expert to
make the Advertisement.
More Advertisement then Less Attention.
Poor Design Leads to ignore Banner Ads.
Free Job Opportunity
Our Work
And this is our way of advertisement
that is face to face or we can say door to
door. By this method we Advertised or
Promote our Product to 30 Crore Indians
in a month .this is an easy way of
Advertisement and not So much time
Free Job Opportunity
Group Creation
If You Will Work with Our team, then You will be given Tour, Expenses,
Promotion & Reward. Main Advantage of Joining Our Company is that
It’s a free Of cost Opportunity.
Free Job Opportunity
3 Steps of Success
 After Joining Our Group, firstly you have to make a team of 5
 In 2nd step, each person will make a team of 5 that is
then we reached to 25
 now that 25 persons further Advertised and make a team of
After Completion of this step you will given Rs. 5000/month as
Salary and you then you are permanent in the company for 1
Free Job Opportunity
 On Completion of 625 joining.salary will be 12500/- and reward of Rs.
40,000 or a Bike.
 On Completion of 3125 Joining salary will be 25000/- and reward of
Rs. 3,00,000/ On Completion of 15625 Joining salary will be 25000/- and reward
Rs. 8 lakh to 1 Crore. According to the following term and conditions
Average 5 Product Selling from your team in one month
you will get Rs. 1,00,00,000
If Average 4 Product selling then u will get Rs. 80,00,000
On 3 Product selling you will get Rs. 60,00,000
On 2 Product selling you will get Rs. 40,00,000
On 1 Product sale you will get Rs. 20,00,000
Free Job Opportunity
U will get an incentive from every sale of
ur downline upto 6 levels
For example:Total sales = 500
Minimum incentive = 50/- per sale
Total incentive = 500 * 50= 25000/-
Free Job Opportunity
Terms & Conditions
 Candidate Age should be 18 +.
 He / She should be an Indian.
 U must have a cashx code to join the company
 Ist Level should be completed within 10 days.
 U will get salary after cmpletion of 2nd level
 U have to advertise the product atleast 1 person dai
Free Job Opportunity
If you are working only 1 hour daily, Then you can earn 6500
Rs. per month. Its An easy method of earning with No Cost
and also with no tension. That’s why we call it Work With a
Free Job Opportunity
Free Job Opportunity

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