Actions and Reactions during the Protestant and Counter

Actions and Reactions during the
Protestant and Counter
95 Theses posted
• CRthreat of excommunication and book
• RSspurred popular movement among
German Protestants
• GAHoly Roman Empire, German states
Protestants gained control of large
numbers of Church faithful
• CRCouncil of Trent (1545-63)
• RSnumerous Church reforms, but
maintained doctrine
• GANorthern and Western Europe
Dutch become Calvinists
• CRSpanish Inquisition
• RSconveyed that the church has gone too
far to silence dissent
• GANetherlands (Protestant)
Protestant pamphlets become
• CRIndex of Forbidden books
• RSmore sense of going too far
• GAProtestant Western Europe
Protestants failed to spread their faith
in the Hapsburg states
• CRJesuits founded
• RSChurch stemmed tide of Protestantism in
Eastern Europe
• GAEastern Europe (Poland, Slovakia,
Austria, Hungary, and Czech Rep.)
To what extent was the Catholic
Reformation successful?
• Poland—success—Jesuits worked to stem the
tide of Protestantism
• England—no success—monarch had sufficient
power to work without Rome
• Netherlands—no success—due to the Spanish
Inquisition, the Dutch were more determined
to practice Calvinism
• German provinces—no success and success—
depended on religion of ruler
Doctrines Compared
Catholic Faith
Protestant Faiths

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