Cost for 5 years - C

Datacenter Transformation
In the past decade US Government owned
datacenters skyrocketed from 432 to 1200
However, average utilization of servers is 7%
Investing on new datacenters instead of tapping
93% of available resources !!!!
Businesses work on Annual Operating Plans
Fine-tuned every quarter, reviewed every week !
IT projects work on 1 month of scoping, 3 months of evaluation, 6
months of implementation, cost recovery over 3 – 5 years !!
Business has changed, while IT is gearing !!!
created IT sprawl
Impact of IT sprawl
You can build 5 datacenters for the cost of 1 !!!
Cost of power
Capital Cost
Computed based on actual data for a media services company in Mumbai
Build case for 500KW datacenter
Estimated power cost for 5 years: 48.05Crs.,
considering current load
Capital cost: 4.43Crs.
Maintenance Cost: 1.42Crs.
Cost for 5 years: Rs.53.9Crs.
Built for today’s need 364KW
Estimated power cost for 5 years: 25.75Crs.
Capital & Maintenance Cost remaining same.
Cost for 5 years: Rs.31.60Crs.
Deploy smaller datacenters to lower costs, built for actual usage
Power Density
Power density 13KW/Rack in 1998
Rarely datacenters are built with
capabilities to handle actual load of 6KW.
Today, most common 2U server is rated for 750W, with 15 in rack requires 11KW rated
density. New blade servers occupy 10U and consume 14KW at their peak.
Power loads on datacenter
Datacenters are built for peak power load
Power load on datacenter is variable due to ambient
temperatures and varied IT loads. Power load variation
could be as high as 60% during single day.
Ambient Temperature Range
• New Delhi: -2.2C – 49C
• Mumbai: 16C – 33C
• Bangalore: 7.8C – 38.9C
Power transmission losses are over 13% from the utility power meter to the server !
• Loss/Kw in older UPS systems in operation is between Rs.24,544 – Rs.36,897
• In the newer systems the loss is between Rs. 10,289 – Rs. 12,693 per Kw
One of our customers is nearly adding new UPS every year and did not realise it.
Cloud is not virtual
Where is the need to virtualise a server with 70%
average utilisation ?
What is the economic value of virtualisation ?
Which assets are worth virtualising ?
Can public clouds offer performance guarentee ?
the Nxt paradigm – build for today !!!
Aligned to business, Overcome IT sprawl & Time to business results
Introducing NxtGen
NxtGenTM delivers business value from datacenter and cloud technologies,
delivering central IT platform as a service. Providing full range of datacenter &
cloud services to enterprises from it’s own facilities (HDDCTM) or deploy
centrally managed modular solutions at customer premises (OPDCTM).
NxtGen’s customers would not invest in
server halls, servers, storage, operating
systems, going forward – they enjoy it as a
guaranteed service.
NxtGen enables customers to focus on
their core business applications, non-core
applications such as collaboration,
messaging, CRM, Security available as
partner enabled options.
Help customers save cost & optimize their
On Premise Data Centers (OPDCTM) and
centrally manage it 24x7, with unique
modular solutions.
Provide Enterprise Cloud ServicesTM
private/hosted private cloud infrastructure
Provide our customers with solutions for
Disaster Recovery/BCP facilities, Data backup & digital archives at NxtGen’s High
Density Data Center (HDDCTM)
NxtGen has productised Datacenter deployment with
standardised equipment to deliver critical facilities in existing
office areas, in matter of weeks. Designed to fit into regular
commercial buildings, upgrade/shift if required.
Wide range of options – capacities & redundancies to suit
varied needs of enterprises from small/branch office to Tier
III compliant critical facility. Complimented by detailed
planning for critical support across the country.
Designed based on new technologies around increased
power density, safety, reliability & efficiency to handle
varying IT loads and provide most viable power efficiencies.
Electrical, Mechanical & IT Systems can no longer exist in silos to
address the datacenter objectives of availability, growth & efficiency.
• GFS Crane DC integrates with our intelligent systems to provide
new levels of insights to manage the deployments remotely from
NxtGen’s Operations Center in Bangalore.
• We are able to monitor & manage power all components of the
datacenter - metering of virtual machine, multiple level PUE
calculations, resource utilisation such as CPU, memory etc.
• Comprehensive sustainability reporting - carbon footprint of the
datacenter, rack level carbon-dioxide emissions assist our
customers in Corporate Sustainability Reporting & meeting
Greenhouse Gas Emission targets.
Combining all our learning
NxtGen HDDC Bangalore combines our learning to offer one of the most efficient
high-density datacenter to our customers. The purpose built 20MW facility, coming
up in 10Acre campus, cloud-ready and offers 15KW power density per rack.
Shift IT away from Operations
High Density Datacenters
(HDDCTM) offering fully
outsourced datacenter
and cloud services
Central Command Center managing
infrastructure 24 x 7, with state-of-art
tools with predictive analytics
On Premise Data Centers (OPDCTM) at
customer premises delivering private
Enterprise Cloud Services (ECSTM).
Customers now have the
choice of taking
advantage of fully
outsourced third party
datacenter facilities
and/or on-premise
platforms to deploy
highly optimized and
elastic private or hosted
private cloud

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