Little Flower Convent For The Visually Impaired - Asha

#127, G.N. Chetty Road, Chennai,
India – 600 006
About the School
Established in 1926 in Chennai
It is run by the Sisters of the I.C.M. congregation.
Aims at developing the basic skills and talents of wards
through holistic education.
The school is aided by the Government of Tamil Nadu
and functions under the Social Welfare Department.
Current Head Mistress: Sister A. Margaret
Summer of 2011 – I was in India, and found an opportunity to
volunteer at the school, and serve the visually impaired.
I was warmly embraced by Sister Margaret, and was
assigned to help teach music to these children. Jessie
madam was the music teacher in charge, and was extremely
supportive of me.
I started to teach flute, harmonica (mouth organ), and
I soon realized that the children had tremendous potential
and were extremely fast learners; we were breezing through
lessons, song after song.
The sky was the limit for these “Children of God,” as my
mom called them. They had a “Sixth Sense,” if you will, which
made up for their impairment.
The children had tremendous focus and grasping power, and
most of the times, I was in awe of them. They showed
tremendous discipline, and their eagerness to learn was
I soon began to develop special bonds with my Little Flower
Before long, I became their “Abhinav Anna!”
Sister Margaret used to come into the room and join us in
session. She loved listening to the new tunes the children
belted out.
I look forward to working with and teaching more music to my
friends in the summer of 2013.
Generator – Rs. 1,25,000 (due to heavy power cuts
in the city)
Braille Papers – Rs. 60,000 (Rs. 1.50 per paper)
Braille Printer – Rs. 3,12,000
Computers (10) – Rs. 25,000 per computer, for the
Please donate generously
to this noble cause!

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