2014 Junior Seminar presentation

Class of 2015
Junior Seminar
Thursday, January 23, 2014
US History Classes
Who is my ORHS Counselor?
- Ms. Paige Green (A-C)
- Ms. Brianna Ottinger (I-M)
- Ms. Dianna Sorensen (S-Z)
- Mr.
Matt Koehler (D-H)
- Ms. Kelly Parker (N-R)
- Ms. Ada Hall (Gifted)
Our Seminar Agenda…
 Your HS Transcript – Is it correct? How is your GPA?
 Graduation Requirements (Area of Focus? Summer Recovery?)
 Registration and Teacher Recommendations
 Testing – ACT + SAT + EOC + AP
 Scholarship Information
 What are you going to do after you graduate?
- 4 year College/University
- Technical School
- Work
... and how to prepare for it!
- 2 year Community College
- Military (Talk to your recruiters)
- Apprenticeships
Graduation Requirements…
You all have until May 2015 to earn 22 Credits:
4 English Credits (one class each year)
4 Math Credits (including Alg2 and one class beyond)
 3 Science Credits (include Biology and Physics or Chem.)
2 World Language Credits (of the same language)
1 Fine Arts Credit
3.5 Social Studies Credits (1=US History, 1=World Soc. Std.,
.5=Economics, .5=US Government, .5=Personal Finance)
1.5 Wellness Credits (.5=Well A, .5=Well B, .5=additional PE)
 3 Focused Elective Credits
Area of Focus Information…
ORHS offers the following 9 Areas of Focus:
Fine Arts
Business & Information Technology Academy
Arts & Communications Academy
Early Childhood Academy
Engineering and Welding Academy
Health Science Academy
Advanced Placement
More Transcript Info…
 Notify the Registrar in the School Counseling Office if
you find mistakes on your school transcript.
 Pay particularly close attention if you transferred to ORHS
after the start of 9th grade
 GPA and Class Rank will be announced in the
beginning of your senior year. It is unofficial or
unavailable before this time.
 Talk to your school counselor with any
credit/requirement/graduation questions that you
may have – feel free to invite your parents
What’s all the fuss about a GPA?
 What is it and how is it calculated?
 Weighted vs. Un-weighted courses?
 TN Lottery HOPE Scholarship – GPA/ACT
 What GPA’s mean to colleges…
UT-Knoxville: 3.9 Core Weighted GPA average
UT-Chattanooga: 2.85 GPA+18ACT or 2.3GPA+21ACT required
MTSU: 2.7GPA+19ACT or 3.0GPA or 22ACT required
ETSU: 2.3GPA or 19ACT required
Summer Credit Recovery
There is a cost
Not all courses are offered
You can only take 2
You might not finish the class
Mandatory daily attendance
 AVOID THIS by getting HELP
NOW! Talk to your Teachers and
go in for Tutoring or meet with
your school counselor – we can
help with study tips/test strategies
Grade Course Registration
 Take notes now on the 4-Year Plan form
 What are your graduation requirements
 You will need some Teacher Recommendations - Talk to your Teacher!
• English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Language and AP
• Some higher level elective courses
 List Alternatives for Elective Courses
 Applications are Required for:
Business Co-op - Ms. Ousley – CS342
Virtual Enterprise - Ms. Ousley – CS342
Math Student Service - Your Math Teacher
YLDCIP - Ms. Shipley – LC321
Administrative Office Aide - Counselor
Clinical Internship - Ms. Farr – CS200
Early Childhood Education – Ms. Burkhalter – CS 250
 11th graders will all register online in the Library Computer Lab during your US History
Class February 3 - 7, your teacher will provide you with the specific date.
ORHS Testing Calendar
ACT – March 4th is the TN State ACT test day at
ORHS for all Juniors that did NOT take a voucher.
 It is recommended that each 11th grader use his or her
test voucher to take the ACT this Spring (March, April,
or June 2014) to see what he or she needs to work on
prior to a retake
 Pay attention to what test(s) you need for college
admission (ACT? SAT? Subject Test?) and which AP
courses the school accepts/score needed
 See handout for ACT/SAT Test Prep Suggestions
State of TN - END of COURSE Exams
 Are given in May 5th – 9th 2014
 Possible EOC’s for 11th graders: Algebra 2, US
History, English 3, and Chemistry
 These cumulative EXAMS count 25% of your
total second semester grade so PLEASE take
these very seriously
 All specific aspects/requirements regarding
final exams for other courses will be
determined by the classroom teacher.
What are you going to do after you
 4 year College/University
(Public vs. Private)
 2 year Community College
(ex. PSCC and RSCC)
 Technical School (ex. TN
College for Applied
 Military (Talk to your
recruiters, ROTC)
 Work/Apprenticeships
How to pay for more school?
 Scholarship Information – See the GREEN Handouts
 Your Financial Aid Package – what the school puts together
based on your FAFSA Expected Family Contribution(EFC)
- Scholarships, Grants, Work-Study, Loans
 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) – What
you and your parents will fill out in January of your Senior
How to pay for more school?
 TN Lottery HOPE Scholarship (Private/Public/4yr/2yr)
 TN Achieves Program (2 yr. Community Colleges) –
More info will be provided next fall during Sr. Seminar
 Can start looking at Scholarship Websites, ORHS
Counseling Website and Facebook page, college
scholarship websites.
What else is important…
College Visits - Spring Break & Summer 2014 is a good time to start
Start looking now as searching/applications take lots of time
Look at application/scholarship essays now and practice
Begin putting your academic resume together now
College Preparation Apps - Some of are free, some aren’t
ACT/SAT Prep, Financial Aid, College Search Tools, Etc…
Military Academies - Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard
Start the process now – contact recruiters and research the
 Your Counselor is here to Help – make an
appointment to see us & invite a parent/guardian!

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