Coaching Tips #4 How to Be a Great Listener

Coaching Tips
Dr. Tim Roehl
“TransforMissional Coaching”
Seven Benefits of Great Listening
Great listening…
1. Lets people know they are valued and respected.
2. Treats people like adults…and enhances adult
3. “Holds up a mirror” so the leaders can see
themselves more realistically.
4. Helps provide us with accurate information…and
helps us move beyond assumptions.
5. Builds credibility by demonstrating empathy.
6. Creates the focus and clarity of self-awareness.
7. Creates ownership and personal responsibility.
1. “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”
2. “He who talks most listens least.” (Ogne)
3. Start with the other person’s “world.”
4. Listen beyond words for tone of voice and body
language…and be conscious of yours. Communication
is 7% words, 35% tone, 58% body language.
5. Beware of “autobiographical responses”: interpreting
and advising from your own experience.
6. Don’t be afraid of silence. A “pregnant pause” can
give birth to great insights!
7. Listen for “aha” or “uh-oh” moments—they are the
discovery/turning points.

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