ASUC Election
Informational Meeting
Election Chair: Jina Yoo
Assistant Chair: Jenny Chien
Polls Coordinator: Daniel Du
Attorney General: Kevin Sabo
Finance Commissioners: Vincent Canlas, Justine Foo, Anand Lakshminarayan, Tina Uh
Elections Chair
Jina Yoo
Reach me at:
[email protected]
What is the ASUC?
One of the most autonomous student governments in the US
Provides many campus-wide services
Organizes funding for student groups
Advocates for the student body
Meet the Elections Council
Chair: Jina Yoo
Assistant Chair: Jenny Chien
Polls Coordinator: Daniel Du
Attorney General: Kevin Sabo
• Contact information on website (elections.asuc.org)
What is the Elections Council?
Manage logistical prerequisites of the election
Publicize the Voting Period
Display formal publicity (Voter’s Guide)
Provide facilities for students to vote
Aid candidates through legitimate campaigning process
Work with all interested parties to ensure fairness and
• Respond to instances of cheating
• Applying Temporary Rules
Campaign Rules
• Fully listed in ASUC By-Laws, Title IV, Article XII
• Important Requirements
• MUST attend Candidates Meeting (March 18th)
• MUST be able to attend Clean-Up Day (April 12th)
• MUST be able to attend Leadership Institute
Poll Coordinator
Daniel Du
Reach me at:
[email protected]
Polling Locations
• This year there will be 3 polling locations
• Polling will take place from April 8th to April 10th That is the
2nd week back from Spring Break
• The following slides will show where on campus the polls will
along with the times they will be open
Dwinelle Hall
• Polls will be open here from 9am-4:15pm for all three days
Wurster Hall
• Polls will be open here from 9am-4:15pm all three days
North Gate, Sutardja Dai Hall
• Polls will be open here from 9am-4:15pm all three days
Online Voting
• Very Important!
• Voting is available online any time during the voting period
(9am Tuesday morning until 11:59pm Thursday night)
• Can vote from almost any computer
• To vote online the student visits http://elections.asuc.org
• All that is needed is the student’s ID number
• Any questions?
Final Polls Related Information
• Everyone can only vote once! That means either online voting
or at a polling station, not both
• Student ID’s will be recorded and documented so there is no
way to bypass that regulation
• Eligibility: ALL registered UC Berkeley students, INCLUDING
graduate students are eligible to vote
Attorney General
Kevin Sabo
Reach me at:
[email protected]
Bylaw violations
Tampering with ballots
Academic violations
Falsifying information
Campaigning via ASUC
• Advertising in ASUC publication
• Campaigning within 100 feet of polls
Bylaw violations
• ResHall violations
• Destruction or removal of ASUC materials
• AirBears
• 20 feet rule
• Frivolous charges
• Email rules
• Endorsement guidelines
Bylaw violations
Campaign literature placement
Campaign display placement
Filing 2 copies of all campaign materials
Mandatory Clean-up Day
Campaigning within 10 feet of EC materials
Charge Sheets
• Filed at most 1 week after tabulations
• Found online – asuc.org (under resources)
• Submitted to LEAD Center front desk
Elections Finance
Vincent Canlas, Justine Foo, Anand Lakshminarayan, Tina Uh
Reach us at:
[email protected]
Campaign Finance
• Expenditure Limits
• Each party: $2625
• Executive Officer Candidate: $1000
• Senate Candidate: $200
• Forms will be available on our website:
• Campaign Expenditure Form
• Submit within 24 hours of dissemination
• Stapled with receipt and one copy of campaign material
• Source of Funding Form
• For every registered party
• Stapled with documentation
• Submit to Campaign Finance Limits Box in LEAD Center
• No submissions via email will be accepted
• For more information, check EFC FAQ on website
Assistant Chair
Jenny Chien
Reach me at:
[email protected]
Voters Guide Form
Voters’ Guide
• Due date:
• Thursday, March 20th , 2014 @ 11:59PM
No Exceptions!
After Completion
• Please email it to [email protected] by 11:59PM on
March 20, 2014
• The e-mail subject should read “## - Your Name, Candidate
• You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your form has
been received and processed.
Important Dates
March 18th: Official Candidates Meeting
March 24-28th: Spring Break
April 8-10th: Elections
April 12th: Mandatory Clean Up Day
April 17th: Tabulations

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