Presenting Bread for the World`s 2012 Offering of Letters

2012 Offering of Letters:
Expanding the
Circle of Protection
Bread for the World is:
Bread for the World is a collective
Christian voice urging our nation’s
decision makers to end hunger at
home and abroad. By changing
policies, programs, and conditions
that allow hunger and poverty to
persist, we provide help and
opportunity far beyond the
communities in which we live.
An Offering of Letters is:
• Christians across the nation
uniting their voices.
• A unified voice that creates
lasting change for hungry
• An opportunity to use the gift
of living in a democracy.
Biblical Basis
If you spend yourselves on
behalf of the hungry and
satisfy the needs of the
oppressed, then your light
will rise in the darkness, and
your night will become like
the noonday.
- Isaiah 58:10
2011: Outcomes
• Defended funding for domestic
safety-net programs when one in
five U.S. households struggles to
get enough to eat.
• Protected funding for international
aid programs that save lives and
reduce poverty for the world’s
neediest people.
2012: The Goal
• Create a circle of
protection around
programs vital for
hungry and poor
people in the U.S.
and abroad.
Budget Realities
• Programs for low-income
people did not cause the
• These programs
stimulate local
• We need to cut hunger,
not hunger programs.
Expanding the Circle of Protection:
Expanding the Circle of Protection:
Overall Campaign
• Protect essential programs for
low-income people, especially
in difficult economic times.
• Raise congressional awareness
about how helpful and effective
these programs are.
• Create a strong national voice
in support of programs for lowincome people.
Nutrition Assistance
Create a circle of protection
around funding for vital
domestic nutrition programs
that meet the needs of
millions of American families.
Nutrition Assistance
• These programs work.
• We need to support the
current benefit levels.
• SNAP (formerly food
stamps) needs to be
protected so it can
continue to meet families’
Foreign Assistance
Create a circle of
protection around funding
for vital poverty-focused
foreign assistance
programs that address the
root causes of poverty.
Poverty-Focused Foreign Assistance
• Protect funding for foreign
• Support Feed the Future,
international development
• Maintain USAID’s staff
working capacity.
• Increase funding for 1,000
Days programs.
Tax Credits
Create a circle of protection
around tax credits for lowincome families.
Tax Credits
• Pulls more children out of
poverty than any other
government program.
• Extend the current
benefits for both EITC and
International Food Aid
Create a circle of protection
around funding for
international food aid
programs that serve as the
greatest—and often only—
line of defense between
millions of families and
International Food Aid
• Protect funding for
international food aid
• Improve the nutritional
quality of food aid.
• Support local
Letters to Congress
Key Components of a Letter
• Make it personal. What
motivates you to write?
• Make it clear. “I want you
to protect programs such
as …”
• Include your return
address on the letter and
Tools & Resources
2012 Offering of Letters Website
Stay current on the campaigns
Bread for the World Channel
2012 Hunger Report and Study Guide
Hunger Report :
Addresses root causes
and solutions.
Christian Study
Guide: Six smallgroup sessions.
Bread Blog
Other Ways to Get Involved
Get Involved!
• Become a Bread member.
• Join or start a local Bread
• Visit your member of
• Become a Bread Covenant
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