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Ariana Bronson
I have decided to write from the characters perspective as in a diary.
All the characters in this story are fiction and were created.
My name is Rose McCarthy.
May 18th 1895
My full name is Rose Eileen McCarthy, I was born in the village of Doonbeg in the year of 1878. I sit here
on my bed writing in this ol’ book as to keep a diary of my thoughts when I begin my passage to America. I
live with my Mother, Catherine McCarthy, my father Michael McCarthy, and my two brothers, Tomas
McCarthy and John McCarthy. Recently my father has injured himself at work and the family has been
going through rough times. So I myself decided it would be better for me to live elsewhere with better
employment and send part of my earnings back to my family. I plan to board ship Hopewell tomorrow
afternoon by 2. I have paid for my ticket and my little belongings are pack. The ship Hopewell will arrive
in New York at Ellis island in about 8 days since she is steam powered.
Village of Doonbeg Ireland.
I’ll miss thy mother and father.
May 19th 1895
This morning is warm for the seasons weather, I have said my goodbyes to my family and friends and now I
sit on the cold stone close to the dock where I will be boarding the ship Hopewell soon. There are many
more people out and about some seeing their loved ones off to America others working at their various
task. I buy a small scarf from one of the peddler on the dock as I here the name of ship Hopewell call out
that passengers are boarding, so I quickly gather my belongings.
May 21st 1895
I have been on the ship Hopewell for almost three days and so far I must say conditions are less than
pleasant for any of the passengers. Living space is limited and I assume they have overloaded the carrying
capacity of the vessel. The hold tends to stink at times because of the lack of air ventilation and the
numerous bodies I share it with. Though I have made friends with some, and talked about my own hopes
and plans on what I will do in America when we reach New York.
The putrefied dark light of dawn.
May 22nd 1895
Today marks my 4th day aboard the Ship Hopewell and conditions are still not as I had expected, but soon
we will arrive in New York and Ellis Island. I’m very excited to see what this big city looks like compared to
Doonbeg and it’s small village. The people closest to me on this vessel are Emily O'Brian and Nicolas
McNaughton. Emily comes from the far east coast of Ireland and where Nicolas has come from a town 7
miles away from Doonbeg. Both said they are looking for work to help provide for the family back home in
Ireland because work is very bad. I’m afraid my hairbrush has been taken by someone aboard the ship
one of the times I had left to get fresh air from the deck. Ah but it’s not to much of a problem, I’ll have
enough to buy a new one once I reach New York.
The green lady.
May 24th 1895
“Rose! Wake up Rose!” said the voice and roused me from my sleep, it was Emily with an excited look on her
face her eyes bright. “Rose where in New York!” She said almost shouting and jumped a little bit to
excitedly. I stood up and brushed the wrinkles out from my skirt and peered out the little porthole to the
gray morning world outside. There were many boats in the water and the tallest buildings I had ever seen.
Just then a little girl called out “Look mama! A big green lady!” And just then the statue of liberty came
into sight through the small porthole
Ellis Island.
I watched some time as the Ship Hopewell moved through the
waters to the dock at Ellis Island.
Finally the passengers could exit the ship and enter the large
looming building.
Nicolas stood beside me “Cold isn’t little miss? Say, you lost
your coat also?” “No, just have it under my skirt as to help
keep my legs warm.” Ah I see said Nicolas and picked up his
buddle of belongings. “Well little miss I’ll be on my way, you
keep it safe.”
Cattle shoots and questions.
Inside the large main building we stood in things that resembled cattle shoots and
the whole processes moved along rather slowly. The crying of babies and young
children could be heard as well as the many muffled languages being spoken.
A list of 29 questions was to be answered for every person, some I overheard were,
“Married? How old? Race? Occupation? “
The great city of steel.
May 25th 1895
So wonderful news! I have passed the
inspection with 29 questions as well as an
health examination. I am now residing for
the moment in a small hotel and will soon
begin work as a maid along with a few
other Irish girls who are here. New York
has fulfield some of my expectations and
has disappointed some. But either way
New York and being in America is exciting
and oh so very interesting. And I am
excited to start this new chapter in my life.

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