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This presentation gives a brief description of the SIPRI
Yearbook Online
It tells you
• what the SIPRI Yearbook Online is
• how it can help you
• how to look for information in it
The presentation will take about 4 minutes
The SIPRI Yearbook is known worldwide
as an authoritative and independent
source for politicians, diplomats,
journalists and analysts seeking insight
on issues of armaments and arms
control, armed conflicts and conflict
resolution, security arrangements
and disarmament, as well as the
most important longer-term trends in
international security.
SIPRI (the Stockholm
International Peace Research
Institute) is an independent
international institute dedicated to
research into conflict, armaments,
arms control and disarmament. It
was established in 1966 and
provides data, analysis and
recommendations, based on open
sources, to policymakers,
researchers, media and the
interested public.
The SIPRI Yearbook contains:
• analysis of developments in security and
conflicts, military spending and
armaments, non-proliferation, arms
control and disarmament
• extensive annexes on the implementation
of arms control and disarmament
• a chronology of events during the year in
the area of security and arms control
Click on the Browse menu
to see the yearbook
If you have not purchased
a particular yearbook you
will only be able to see
limited content for that
military spending
From here you can go
to any part of the
yearbook, or search
within this particular
Note that each chapter
comes with a DOI,
which makes
maintaining reading
lists easier.
Content pages can be
printed or saved to your
personal ‘My Stuff’
Click on My Stuff to see
the content and results
pages that you have
arab spring
You can also search all the yearbooks
Notice that results come from several
yearbooks. If you have not bought a
particular yearbook, you will still be able to
see the overview information.
You can either copy and paste
the citation information, or use
citation export software.
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