Deep Learning Keys - Barry

Creating and Sustaining a
Continuous Improvement Culture
Rick Landin
Brian Wellinghoff
Our Purpose
 Express our belief that business can be a
positive force within our society
 Dig deeply into concrete experiences that
have defined our journey
 Detail how we foster our L3 culture
 Assist you in finding at least one idea you
can implement on tomorrow morning
Living Legacy of Leadership
We commit to a sustained leadership model that
creates a culture where each of us returns
home with a sense of fulfillment.
Living Legacy of Leadership
 Daily Communication
 Responsible Freedom
 Empathy
 Celebration
“Everyone has the
capacity to be a leader”
Feedback to our Vision
“You introduced us to a new concept of a purpose-driven
company. For most of us this was clearly a new and
enlightened way to view and act out our roles as a
Dick Gochnauer, CEO United Stationers
“You speak to a basic and heartfelt need found in every
person. Thank you most of all for reminding me that
leadership is to be, and can be inspirational in this
regard…it is easy to lose sight of that basic and
essential thought. “
Rob Colones, CEO McLeod Health
L3 Journey
MWU (Hunt Valley)
Comparing FY ‘07 to FY ’08:
100% increase in OI
27% sales growth
Increase in inventory turns
from 6.3 to 7.3
These results are the by-products of our
people-centric leadership focus
L3 Team
Role of the L3 Team
 The L3 Team (or Lean Promotions Office) has the fulltime responsibility to facilitate the change process
along the L3 Journey
 35 L3 leaders are engaged across a dozen North
American locations, plus 2 international L3 leaders
 An L3 Team member’s most important role is to be a
change agent- L3 leaders become proficient in
communication, recognition, and emotional intelligence
 Local resources benchmark every other BW division for
best practices
Nurturing Exceptional Leaders
 Along our L3 Journey, we have new opportunities to
identify and recognize outstanding leaders
Exceptional People; Exceptional Results
 In the last year, we have completed
• More than 200 Kaizen events
• More than 100 Lean projects
• More than 1000 person-days of training
 More than 30 value streams enhance our
communication and the responsiveness to our
customers on a daily basis
Addressing the Economic Climate
“The American economy and much of the world now
face extraordinary challenges, and confronting these
challenges will continue to require extraordinary actions.”
– Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary (March 23)
 We are more committed than ever to enhancing our
contribution to strengthen the future and fulfillment
of all Barry-Wehmiller associates.
 Given the overall economic environment, we are an
integral part of the value proposition to create a
future in harmony with each organization’s vision.
L3 Journey
 As we experience softness in the production schedules,
we have launched Lean events focused on short and
long-term value creation, creating productive work
for team members who may otherwise be idle.
 We are focused on investing in our people and our
businesses to emerge from this period even stronger.
I feel privileged to be a part of the Barry-Wehmiller family
and to work for a company that I believe truly does care
about the lives and well being of the people that are a
part of it and has our best interest in mind to ensure a long
and stable future for all of us. – Samantha Ramsey
Keeping People Creating Value
 Prioritized list of projects tied to the organizational
strategy deployment (Hoshin Kanri) process.
• Prioritized based on need, justification, payback potential.
• Activities that will allow the organization to be more efficient
and competitive coming out of the downturn in the economy.
Firsthand Stories
Rick Landin
Firsthand Stories of our Culture
 HayssenSandiacre is a 100 year-old
manufacturer of form/fill/seal equipment
 Combination of 2 acquisitions by BarryWehmiller in 1997 & 2006
 A “good place to work” with a strong track
record of performance
Firsthand Stories of our Culture
 In 2002, our team members helped author the
Guiding Principles of Leadership- which
challenged our view of culture
 We realized that our “traditional” manufacturing
practices weren’t aligned to our new vision, and
we began to make changes
Took out time clocks
Took out start/break/quit alarms
Flexible work schedules
Computer access to all team members
Touch meetings throughout the facility
Firsthand Stories of our Culture
 In 2007, with the retirement of several key
manufacturing leaders we moved to a new
structure in manufacturing with 7 team leaders.
 These hardworking individuals had a wealth of
experience, but no formal leadership training.
 Through BWU, we began to focus on
communication skills and leadership training.
Firsthand Stories of our Culture
My own BWU experience Working for someone at the top who cares
about my personal development
 Bob leads by example- with genuine caring
for us and the people we touch inside and
outside work.
Firsthand Stories of our Culture
Firsthand Stories of our Culture
People-Centric Leadership
Through people-centric leadership, we align...
the head to a vision
the heart through inspiration
the hands to continuous improvement
The results are ... sustainable levels of trust,
FULFILLMENT and value creation for ALL
Continuous Improvement Culture
 Questions?
Practical Leadership
Rick Landin
Rhonda Spencer
Practical Leadership Development
 The most important leadership
development comes from experience.
 We are committed to continuing to grow
as a company, so that people have
opportunities to grow through
 Our leadership culture, brought to life in
the L3 journey, is critical to creating an
environment for personal growth.
Barry-Wehmiller University
 Barry-Wehmiller University is founded upon the
conviction that it is our responsibility to develop an
integrated, inspirational and sustainable way
of living our L3 vision.
 It is our belief that we can use the power of
business to dramatically impact the world in a
positive way.
Barry-Wehmiller University
 If we want to change the world, we must change
the way we lead.
 We are committed to inspiring deep and lasting
personal change.
Barry-Wehmiller University
 In our first two years,
• Created over 250 hours of
unique teaching content
• Engaged 650 students in the
BWU learning experience
• Certified 65 BW Leaders to share
their gifts through professorship
• Delivered over 4,900 person-days
of learning
• Launched online Learning Center
to support access to the University
across the organization
BWU’s Brand of Leadership
 What is Taught - (Curriculum)
The distinctive Barry-Wehmiller
Leadership brand.
 Who Teaches - (Professors)
Frontline leaders collaborating with
BWU leadership on the creation
and presentation of training.
 How we Teach – (Process)
Pre-work, inspirational training and
supportive post-work that enables
real leadership transformation.
BWU’s Brand of Leadership
 Who we teach - (Students)
• We target those individuals who have
the greatest capacity to respond.
• Each student must demonstrate their
desire and commitment through an
application process.
• It is an honor to be selected.
 We do not have a top-down approach. We reach out
to the natural leaders in the organizationregardless of role.
BWU Delivery Channels
Individuals apply
Participants from
various divisions
Limited capacity,
highly selective
Emphasis on
Taught locally
BWU certified
Divisions drive
Emphasis on
expanding a
specific skill
Learning Center or
via webinar
Available “ondemand”
Nearly unlimited
Emphasis on
Delivery Channels
L3 Fundamentals
L3 Continuing
Online Modules
Professor Training
Leading in an L3
BWU Student Experience
 Every aspect of the BWU experience is
carefully designed to impact significant
personal change. Nothing happens by
BWU Student Experience
Captures desire to
Attendance is an
Builds anticipation,
awareness and
Training Event
Lays a foundation
of understanding
and knowledge
Post Work
Skill development
and action
Pre & Post Training Process Elements
Occurs Pre-Class
Set Personal Direction
Leverages Course
Focuses Mindset
Occurs Weekly
Personal Reminder
Leverages Technology
Invites Personal
Refocuses Memory
Leverages Mentor’s
Provides Guidance,
Focuses on
Personal Mastery
Occurs via
Conference Call
Peer Relationships
Invites Discussion &
Creates Community
Peer Accountability
L3 Fundamentals
L3 Fundamentals
 L3 Fundamentals was the first class we
launched in BWU
 Fundamental to living our vision
why we are doing this
how to do it.
L3 Fundamentals
 Two week experience
beyond the classroom
• Essential lean tools- process
mapping, 7s, SMED
• Leadership behaviorscommunication, leading change
Leadership Fundamentals
I accept the
awesome responsibility
of leadership.
Leadership Fundamentals
I practice stewardship of the
Guiding Principles of
Leadership through my time,
conversations and personal
Leadership Fundamentals
My personal communication
cultivates meaningful
Leadership Fundamentals
I reflect to lead my team in
Achieving Principled Results
on Purpose.
Leadership Fundamentals
I exercise responsible
freedom, empowering each of
us to achieve our potential.
Professor Experience
Practical Leadership Development
 Questions?
Winning the Game
Rick Landin
Brian Wellinghoff
What it Means to Win
 How do you define winning?
 Why can’t the game of business be fun,
challenging and rewarding?
What it Means to Win
 This is what it means to win at Barry-Wehmiller
Winning in Operations:
Service Parts Value Stream
Service Parts Value Stream
Pack and Ship
“80/20 Rule”
Parts Staging
Administrative Cell
Raw Matl Supermarket
Service Parts Value Stream
 25% Reduction in Lead Times
 Empowered and Fulfilled Associates
Service Parts Value Stream
Continuous Improvement!
Team Member Feedback
 It’s is amazing to see how far we came on our journey in such a
short period. Who would of thought asking people ‘What do you
think’ would have brought us so far in 2 years? - Manufacturing
Team Leader
 The three most powerful words I say to myself on a daily basis are
“We own it!”. We own the successes and the failures, the
culture and the processes, and we do it together as a team. Each
team member feels they have the right and responsibility to make
a positive impact.
-Administration Team Leader
 The SPVS has given me the opportunity to advance and
now I like coming to work. -Manufacturing Team Member
Customer Feedback
 “It would be malpractice if every prospective
customer did not receive a tour of the SPVS”
– PCMC Sales Engineer
 Only a handful of our suppliers have on-
time shipping performance that comes
close to PCMC – Customer Comment
 FY08 results as measured by this customer:
• 97.2% of Shipments On-Time as Requested
• 99% of Parts Arrive in 5 days or less
Winning at Hayssen
 The WIN line
Winning in the Office:
Org Empowerment Team
Org Empowerment Team Vision
Within our unique business strategy, we commit
to grow leaders, foster a culture and
develop organizational systems that
inspire people to achieve their full potential--to
build the foundation of a living legacy of
Daily Touch Meeting
 Every morning at
8:15am CT
 Define what it means
to win for that day
 Include project goals
and personal
Matrix Meeting
 Discuss priorities for the team
 Chart team involvement on projects
 Establish milestones for accountability
Winning in the Office- HayssenSandiacre
 InforXA implementation at an acquired
business in Nottingham, England
 The team leader put her Leadership
Fundamentals skills to work in her project
management role
 Daily “Reflect to Lead” to check her
alignment to the GPL and 12 practices.
 Team decision making
Winning in the Office- HayssenSandiacre
“ Lisa introduced many different GPL and L3 ideas to the group to
help us work together through the difficult task. Lisa, as a leader,
guided the team towards the end goal, keeping morale high even
when we were faced with difficult challenges and confrontations.
As the youngest member on the team, Lisa extracted the best
from me and helped me improve and grow as an individual. With
Lisa’s encouragement, I began to voice my ideas and came out of
my shell to become a respected member of the team.”
Winning in our Culture:
H3 Award Program
H3 Award Program
 Our special vehicle programs create unique
reactions for our everyday leaders
 Based on nomination or selection, those who
exemplify the culture have the chance to drive
a special vehicle for a week
The ability to share
this honor with
family and friends
is priceless!
H3 Award Program
The H3: Head, Heart, and Hands program is an
award to recognize outstanding instances or
continuous excellence in L3, our Living Legacy of
Leadership. It is based around the concluding
sentence in our L3 Document:
“As we move forward on this journey, we will be
inspired to engage our head, heart, and hands, to
create habits that result in extraordinary levels of
achievement and fulfillment.”
Congratulations to
John Kondratuk
H3 Award Program
Measurement: Winning the Game
 Questions?
Our Message
 We believe business can be a positive force
within our society, and we hope you will join us
 Lean, when applied in a people-centric
manner has the power to create sustainable
businesses and impact lives
 Effective continuous improvement focuses more
on coaching, change, and communication then
lean tools

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