Network MTG Power Point

December 4, 2013
Today’s Agenda
• Update on the Global Scholars Diploma
Program Orientation
• Global Education in Granville
• CCWA Programs
Who’s Piloting the Global Scholars
• 20 eleventh and twelfth graders from
Granville High School
• 17 10th graders from Columbus North
International School
The Launch
What Does Global Competence Look
Four Domains of Global Competence
Source: Asia Society & Council of Chief
State Superintendents. Also adopted by
US Dept of Education
The Global Scholars Diploma™ Program
Self Directed Activities
Global Scholars will:
• Attend the fall Global Scholars orientation
• Attend at least two other Global Scholars
• Complete district requirements.
• Collect evidence of increasing global competence.
• Present a portfolio at the June Global Scholars
What is Motivating Them?
I want to meet new people.
It seems like a good learning experience.
I have always been interested in global issues and in diversity.
I love global problems and I'm interested in helping find solutions.
I want to be a leader.
It will help me in college.
To see the change I can make either locally or something greater
I want to work in an international business after college.
I've been called a failure and I would like to prove the people wrong.
Their College and Career Plans?
Student Reactions
Learning about and trying to
solve international problems
such as those with the economy
sounds fun and interesting also
I like making a difference
I enjoyed all of the audience
participation and group
work- getting to know other
students trying to reach the
same goal as me.
What Was the Most Interesting?
• The video about the teen in Nepal.
• The part when we got to know one another.
• The development of what we thought global
competence was.
What Was the Least Interesting?
• It was all interesting – 12 responses
• The paperwork -using the rubric to look at the
reflections -12 responses
• Lunch - 2
1) Prior to attending the session today, how well did you
understand the four global competence domains required to
become globally competent?
2) After attending the session today, how well did you
understand the four global competence domains required to
become globally competent?
What’s Next ?
• Cross Cultural Focus on China for Global
Scholars and students participating in the EF
Education First Student Summit in Shanghai –
February 12
• International Careers event at Honda – April 7
• Global Scholars Showcase – June 4
Opportunities for Next Year
• Leadership opportunities for continuing
• Additional schools
The Global Scholars Diploma™ Program
Implementing the Global Scholars
Diploma™ in Granville
• Scholar Requirements
• Partnerships
Upcoming K-12 Opportunities
International Education Project of the Year
The Global Intersection of Human, Animal, and Environmental Health
OH2O: Local Companies Pour Resources into Global Water
Global Issues Day: Food Focus
International Awards Ceremony
International Women’s Day
EF Education First Global Student Leaders Summit China 2014
World Citizen Youth Forum: Global Food Policy
Academic World Quest in Washington DC
Global Scholars Showcase and Teacher Workshops
Culture Camp

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