Why travel?

Why travel?
We believe international travel...
creates independence and
instills compassion for others.
fosters lifelong learning.
provides expanded opportunities for future.
increases global awareness.
improves competitive edge on college
applications and resumes.
is fun!
changes lives.
About Your Chaperones!
David Cohen
9th grade English Language Arts/
Creative Writing
Traveled to: Canada, Czech
Republic, France, Ireland, Israel,
Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Netherlands,
Spain, Switzerland, U.K.
Website: www.mistercohen.com
Sarah DeWeese
8th grade English Language Arts/
AP Literature & Composition
Helped led DCIS student trips with
EF to Italy (Spring Break 2010)
& Peru (Summer 2012)
Had students blog while in Peru…
@ www.dcisperu.wordpress.com
Taught and lived abroad in Serbia
(07-08) & China (Summer 2012)
Completed an EF training in France
Blogs @ www.learnEDtrek.com
Awarded a Fulbright Seminar to
Turkey (Summer 2013)!
Our meeting agenda
EF- Education First
Our Tour Itinerary
• Who are they?
• Why did we choose them?
Our Tour Package
Where are we going?
What’s included?
Education and Credit
Safety on Tour
Required DPS Forms
Questions and Answers
• Flights, Hotels, Meals, etc.
What isn’t?
• Insurance, Spending money,
Tips, Passport
• Pricing/ Monthly Payment Plan
• Online Resources
*** How to Enroll ***
Why EF Education First?
EF is the World Leader in International Education.
For nearly half a century, EF has broken down barriers of geography, language
and culture. EF has over 400 schools and offices in more than 50 countries.
EF is different.
In addition to educational tours, EF provides worldwide language learning,
student exchange, cultural immersion and service tours, au pair services and
college study programs, as well as a top-ranked international business school.
Explore the Global Classroom
Why EF?
Best value
Most educational
Highest quality tours at the
guaranteed lowest prices
Fully accredited,
just like our school
Planning and organizing
all tour logistics by
travel experts
Full-time personal, bilingual
Tour Director
Educational itineraries
based on almost 50 years
of experience
Why EF?
Safety first
All-Inclusive Coverage Plan
6-to-1 student-to-chaperone ratio
Trained & licensed local guides
24-hour emergency on-call service
EF’s Peace of Mind Program
Should social unrest or natural
events make traveling to our
destination unsafe, EF will
work with our group to make
alternative arrangements.
Wherever we learn, EF is there.
EF has 34,000 staff and teachers
in more than 400 offices in over 50 countries
Meet our EF planning team.
Nick Maurer
Chip Ryan & Todd King
Global Education
Works with the teacher
to plan itinerary
Regional Account
Responsible for excellent
customer service
Our Tour Map:
Our Itinerary:
Educational Objectives
To promote international understanding and a
respect for a variety of cultures
To clarify and deepen our understanding of
the American identity and its values and
beliefs through intercultural experience
To expand our knowledge about culture and
history and the basis for different values and
To develop the interpersonal skills necessary
to navigate a new environment with confidence,
maturity and flexibility
About the Kokrobitey Institute
• Registered Ghanaian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
• Founded in 1992 by an American educator
• Has representatives in Boston and Chicago
• Oceanside campus, approximately 25 kilometers west of Accra
• Built and sustained by private funds
• Offers short-term residential programs in the sciences, arts, and
• Community service initiatives include village literacy &
environmental projects
• Learn more online: kokrobiteyinstitute.org
Earn High School or College Credit
• DPS/ DCIS transcript credit
 Introduction to Cultures – Recording our experience through the
“Universals of Cultures” lens
 Passages – Service Learning/projects
 Community Service Hours – Graduation requirements
• EF transcript credit
 Official transcript from Accredited EF Education Department
 Aligned with National Council for Social Studies Curriculum
 1/2 elective high school credit; full semester’s college credit
Our Approach to
Behavior & Safety
Safety Details
 We follow the same legal rules for
students as in the U.S…
Lights Out/ Stay in Rooms
Be on time
Be with your buddy
Communicate intentions to
A failure to follow any of the above
expectations will result in a STRIKE!
1st instance – verbal warning
2nd instance – call home
3rd instance – SENT home
Three strikes = “You’re Out!”
If travelers (students or adults)
violate our guidelines, we have
the right to send them home from
the tour at the family’s expense.
Our Approach to Health & Safety
Yellow Fever vaccine – required
Antimalarial drugs – recommended
Find other info on the CDC’s website:
Why group travel?
Group travel keeps tours affordable, allowing more
students to see the world
Combined groups get the best value
Tour choice and departure date flexibility to match with
other groups
Meet other students from around the country
Traveling with EF
What if I booked just the basics on my own?
Flights? These were quoted yesterday for June 2014:
How about hotels?
This is a sample hotel in Accra—It starts at $218/night;
$218 x 8 = $1744
Breakfast & Dinner each day?
Breakfast, lunch & dinner each day: conservatively, $35 x 9 days = $315
Pepper Soup
Jollof rice and beef kebab
So, for the BASICS… Let‘s Compare!
Flights: $2069
Hotels: $1744
Meals: $315
Total: $4128
EF Tour price: $4,225
What’s included?
Round-trip flights on major carriers
Hotels with private bathrooms
Comfortable motorcoach
Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
Educational Itinerary w/ weShare
Full-time local Tour Director
Expert local guides
Entrance fees to select attractions
-Cape Coast Castle
-Lake Volta Cruise
Chaperones (1 for every 6 students)
Coverage Plan
The plan covers your child for:
Tour cancellation and interruption
Illness and accident
Baggage and property
Flight delay
24-hour access to an
English-speaking representative
Cost: $145
Denver Public Schools legal
department requires our students to
have this insurance to attend.
For more information visit eftours.com/coverage or call
EF’s Customer Service Department at 800-665-5364.
What are travelers
responsible for?
Spending money for optional
excursions, free-time activities,
souvenirs, beverages, lunches
and snacks ($30-$65 per day)
We would like GROUP fundraising
to cover the following:
Tips for the institute, your Tour Director,
bus driver and local guides
(approx. $120 per traveler)
Passport and/or visa fees (~$115) only
for students who don’t have one
Pre-departure VACCINES!
These are all necessities each
traveler will be responsible for
on this tour.
Passports and Visas
All travelers are responsible for
securing necessary documentation
Valid passports are required for all
Passports may take up to 14 weeks
to process
Some destinations may require travel visas
Non-U.S. citizens may require special
visas or other travel documents
Important note: Passports must be valid for
at least six months after our scheduled
return date
Paying for your tour
a month
a day
Login To:
• Make online payments
• Purchase insurance
• See messages and alerts
from EF and your
group leader
• View flight &
hotel information
How do I enroll?
Phone: 800-665-5364
Right here and now!
Tour Number: 1334532WM
Early Enrollment Discount ends:
April 13th!
Fundraising Opportunities
DCIS Foundation Travel Grants
• Middle School (Group Application)
• High School (Individual Applications)
• Sponsorship Letters to friends, family, businesses
Large Events
• Host a Talent Show (participation fee, admission, snacks)
• First Friday Parking for Art Walk on Sante Fe
• Buffet dinner before a PTSA night, Back to School Night,
Individual Sells
• Old Fashioned Candy Sticks
• ButterBraids pastries
Student Legal Forms Needed
(After EF Tour Enrollment)
We’ll host follow up meetings next fall to give you
all the district and school paperwork to complete.
 DCIS Student Travel Application
 DPS Parent/ Guardian Release Agreement and Consent to
Emergency Treatment
 DPS Parent Permission for Student Travel and Waiver of Liability
 DPS Parent Permit for Pupil to Participate in an Extended Excursion
 DPS Durable Power of Attorney for Medical Care for Off Campus
 Copy of Passport
 Travel/ Health Insurance Coverage
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