NSF & Uniform Guidance - Office of Research Administration

Uniform Guidance
NSF Webinar
◦ http://nsf.gov/bfa/dias/policy/outreach.jsp#present
◦ http://nsf.gov/bfa/dias/policy/outreach/nsfupdate_pappgdec14.pdf
Uniform Guidance and FAQs
◦ https://cfo.gov/cofar/#COFAR2CFR200
NSF Policy Office
◦ http://nsf.gov/bfa/dias/policy/index.jsp
Most Recent NSF Grant Proposal Guide
◦ http://nsf.gov/pubs/policydocs/pappguide/nsf15001/gpg_index.jsp
Administrative & Clerical Salaries
What’s New:
◦ Allowable
◦ Must be well-justified
◦ Prior approval required for rebudgeting
◦ Will incur indirect costs
At IU:
◦ Regular administration of grant activities not allowed
◦ Payroll
◦ Travel arrangements
◦ Purchasing
Temporary Dependent Care
◦ NSF allows costs for temporary dependent care while project personnel is travelling to a
◦ Must be consistent with institutional policy
◦ IU does not have a policy that allows these costs; therefore, not allowable at this time
Domestic Travel
◦ Now defined as within and between the US, its territories and possessions
◦ No longer includes Canada and Mexico
Participant Support Costs
◦ Primary costs:
◦ Stipends, subsistence, travel, registration fees (non-employees)
◦ “Other” sub-category within PS will be scrutinized by NSF
◦ These costs need to be well-justified
◦ Any post-award re-budgeting that adds items to “Other” requires prior approval
◦ ORA will look carefully at the justification for this section
◦ Requests for approval are submitted via FastLane Notifications & Requests module
Materials & Supplies
Computing Devices
◦ Costs less than $5,000 should be budgeted under Materials & Supplies
◦ No longer have to be 100% grant-related.
◦ “Essential and allocable”
◦ Still need to be well-justified
◦ Allocation should be discussed in justification
Indirect Cost Rate
◦ Established de minimus ICR of 10% for any institution without a federally negotiated rate
◦ If there is a negotiated rate, that must be used
At IU:
◦ Use ICR of 10% for subawardees without a negotiated rate, unless specified in the solicitation
◦ De minimus rate is required if the subaward does not have a negotiated rate
Other Clarifications &
Implementation Issues
2-month Salary Limitation
◦ Awardee may increase/decrease under rebudgeting authority
◦ Not a change in policy
◦ Include justification in proposal if salary will exceed 2 months
New Awards after Dec 26, 2014
◦ Terms and Conditions will be the NSF General Conditions, GC-1
Non-Competing Continuations after Dec 26, 2014
◦ UG will take affect in next increment of funding
◦ Carry over funds will be subject to UG
◦ IU will not establish new accounts for the change

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