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Department Of Arabic
University of lucknow
The following details show the history of the department at a glance
The Department of Arabic is as old as the university. Established in 1921. It is Known as one of the
oldest department as it was also prevailing during Canning College era.
As for as faculties and programmes are concerned it is one of the largest Department of India.
It has been headed by following personalities :
( Head Department Of Persian Anr Arabic)
( Ph.D. from Oxford, Ex Head and Dean)
(Ex Head and Dean)
(well known Scholar Of Quranic Studies)
(Precedent awardee)
( UNESCO awardee)
(Precedent awardee)
(a very well known Arabic scholar)
Presently the Department runs following courses :
Shams ul Ulama Maulvi Kamaluddin Ahmad
Prof. Waheed Mirza
Prof. Shamsher Bahadur Samadi
Prof. Rizwan Alavi
Prof. Ubaidullah Farahi
Prof Shabbir Ahmad Nadwi
Prof. Shah Abdussalam
Prof. Ashfaq Ahmad
Prof. K.K. Rastogi
Prof. Shams Tabrez Khan
Dr. Musheer Husain Siddiqui
Arab Culture
Modern Arabic
Diploma in Modern Arabic.
Proficiency in Arabic.
Proficiency in Modern Arabic.
Examination System :-
(UG to Ph.D.).
(UG to Ph.D.).
(Special P.G. Course).
Annual and Semester.
1922 --- 1924
------1971 --- 1992
1992 --- 2003
2003 --- 2008
2008 --- 2008
2009 --- 2009
2009 --- 2011
2011 --- 2012
2013 …………..
1. Lectures with updated materials.
2. Use of computers for practice of usages and use of online libraries.
3. Web portal.
4. Use of smart class equipped with Laptop, Speaker, Projector, etc.
5. Use of departmental and central libraries (It is in practice to go with the students to central
library and to make them learn different techniques and use of encyclopedia and
6. Tutorial classes for the students lagging behind.
7. Group discussion, written assignment.
8. Student presentation, poetry reading, term papers.
9. Feedback.
10. Direct and active involvement of students during the classes.
1. 5 JRF at present in the Department :- ( 3 Arabic – 2 Arab Culture ).
2. Presently in all 28 Research Scholars are enrolled:- ( 19 Arabic – 9 Arab Culture ).
3. Papers published (during last 4 years) 41.
4. Seminars attended and Research Papers Presented (12 seminars and 44 papers).
5. Research thrust areas to be covered : Indo Arab Studies & Modern Arabic Literature, Modern
Arab History and Problems.
6. Department has a Committee for Assessment and Study for Indo-Arab Relation.
1. The Department has one smart class room.
2. Has one general class room.
3. Departmental library (Prof. Rizwan Alavi Library) containing around 1600 titles.
4. Some journals are available on complimentary basis.
5. Language lab is already sanctioned, space for the same is required.
6. Department has 4 teacher's rooms (Classes also being taken in the teacher’s rooms).
1. The Department keep it self always helpful to the students in there study and other activities.
2. Teachers do proper counseling of the students.
3. A Placement Cell is also established in the Department.
4. Students Grievances cell is working.
5. A Special Grievances Cell is established to solve the problems of girl students.
1. The pass outs of our department are playing important role in shaping our society and serving
in all major academic institutions of India.
2. Some distinguished alumni of the department.
Prof. Aslam Islahi
Dean, School of Languages – J.N.U. - New Delhi
Prof. Ziaul Hasan Nadwi
Ex Dean, Jamia Millia Islamia – New Delhi
Prof. S. A. Salam
Ex O.S.D., Raza Library – Rampur
Prof. S. Waseem Akhtar
Vice Chancellor of Integral University – Lucknow
Shri Arvind Singh Gope
Minister – U.P. Government
Dr. Mohd. Akram Nadwi
Fellow, Institute of Islamic Studies – OXFORD – U.K.
Dr. Ammar Rizvi
Ex. Minister – U.P. Government
Prof. Habibullah Khan
Jamia Milla Islamia – New Delhi
Mr. Sayyad Ahmad
Governor – Jharkhand
Maulana Khalid Rasheed Farangi Mahli
Noted Islamic Scholar
Dr. Mohammad Ajmal Islahi
Fellow, Institute of Research under Saudi Government
Department’s Prominent Professors who have got President Award for their
contribution in the development of Arabic language and literature :
Prof. Mustafa Hasan Alvi
Prof. Shamsher Bahadur Samadi
Prof. Mohammad Rizwan Alvi
Prof. Mohammad Yunus Nagrami
Prof. Mushtaq Kareem Qidwai
Prof. Shabbier Ahmad Nadwi
Prof. Shah Abdussalam
Prof. Ashfaq Ahmad Nadwi
Prof. Shams Tabrez Khan
Prof. Ahmad Naseem Siddiqui
Prof. Shah Abdussalam had also achieved a prestigious UNESCO Award in Paris
for his contribution to Arab culture and civilisation.
Prof. Shabbir Ahmad Nadwi received Shikshak Shri and Sraswati Samman awards
PROGRESS :- Going to establish language lab, decision already taken by D.B.S and grant for that

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