Our Duty to God and Scouting

Our Duty to God and Scouting
Growing your Faith
J.T.Dabbs, III
Scout Executive of the
Greater Alabama
Council, Boy Scouts of
Recent Challenges
• Chartered organizations VOS score dramatically
declined in 2013
• Units that were loss due to the membership
standard change were in many cases units
chartered to churches that we did not have a
deep relationship with.
• Deep resentment, lack of trust, and concern that
we will leave our fundamental value of Duty to God
and a Scout is Reverent behind
• Severe membership and unit loss and a need to
regrow it in the right way
Our Strategy
• Chartered
• Religious Emblems
• Faith Based Unit
• Marketing: Internal &
Chartered Organizations
• Video Series featuring select
chartered organizations in
• Scout Sunday Promotion
• HOI Visits – More Dynamic,
• Frequent communication to
Chartered Organizations
Religious Emblems
• Marketing Plan to promote with youth and
• Part of video series
• Religious Emblem Coordinator recruitment,
engagement and training
• Identify Past Religious Award Recipients as
part of Alumni plan.
• Recognition of award recipients on a
regular basis
• Religious Award Retreat for youth wanting to
start working on their award.
Faith Based Unit Growth
• Reengage with those units we lost because
of the membership standard
• Forge new relationships with faith based
groups we are not engaged with currently
• Utilize the new movie, Troop 491: the
Adventures of the Muddy Lions for
engagement with the African American
religious community
• Together plans,Methodist Bishop’s Dinner
throughout council
• Developed theme, Growing in Our Faith,
through Scouting
• Chartered Partner Highlight and testimony
• Personal Faith and the Outdoors
• Religious Emblem Coordinator Promotion
• Highlight local scoutmaster who leads a
Bible Study Group for fellow scout leaders
• Religious Retreat Promotion
• Unit Chaplain promotion
• Scout Sunday and Sabbath
Why Faith Based
Chartered Organizations?
• Unit Retention better by 10%
• Rank Advancement 10 to 30% Better
• 73+% of BSA Units are Chartered to
Faith-Based Organizations
• 70% of Chartered Partners only have 1
Unit or one Member of the Scouting
Faith Based Chartered
• BSA offers Solutions to
Congregations and Their
o Membership Growth
o Membership Retention
o Program
o Money
o Trained Volunteers
Growing Your Faith
Through Scouting Video’s
Video 1 (Faith at Camp Video)
Video 2 (Church of Christ Video)
Video 3 (holiday greeting from Dec 2013)
Scouting teaches boys
to do their duty to God through
• Program Delivery
• Special Observances
• Faith-based Relationships
• BSA Religious Support
Scout Sunday & Scout
• Noticed a decline in Scout Sunday and
Sabbath services.
• Important part of maintaining the Chartered
Partner relationship.
• Provide Tools for unit leader and church
leaders on conducting Scout Sunday and
Scout Sabbath.
• Membership Resources on scouting.org
Handbook for Chaplains and Chaplian Aides
Scout Sunday Resources
Religious Emblems Coordinator info
Bringing Youth to Christ Through a Scouting Minnistry
o Letters of Endorsements from national Organizations
o 2014 update to the Chartered Organization Resource Guide,
sent to local council in August
o Together Plan Resources
• Other Resources
o Praypub.org
o Webistes of Scout Associations, i.e. Catholic Committee on
Scouting etc
• “I have been asked to describe more fully
what was in my mind as regards religion
when I instituted Scouting and Guiding. I
was asked: ‘Where does religion come
in?’ Well, my reply is: ‘It does not come
in at all. It is already there. It is the
fundamental factor underlying Scouting
and Guiding.’”

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