Delaware Air gun laws

JT Martin
Period 3
and Anthony Alanis
In the state of Delaware you are not permitted
to buy an air gun while under the age of 18.
You are not allowed to own one unless you are
at least 16 years of age.
While you own at 16 years of age you are not
allowed to use it unless within adult
“It is unlawful to shoot across a road or within
15 yards of a road, or within 100 yards of an
occupied building or barn or any other
building used in connection therewith.”
To make the purchase of a real firearm there
are some similar laws.
To purchase a rifle or shot gun you must be of
18 years of age.
To purchase a handgun a person must 21 years
of age, submit themselves to a criminal
background check and, an adult record check.
This affects the people under the age of 16.
Someone would and should care about this
because there are many children of Delaware
who would like to buy an air gun, but are not
permitted to by Delaware law.
A big problem is that if you make the age the
same to buy an air gun and to buy a rifle and
shotgun then most 18 year olds given the
choice would choose a shot gun or rifle over an
air gun.
The cause is the age to buy an air gun at 18.
The reason that is the age requirement is
because of fear of injury.
But if you have a fear of injuries with an air
gun, there must be a fear with a shot gun or
The scope of this problem is on the state level
In my case it is on the Delaware state level.
One solution is to amend the air gun law so the
that you can purchase an air gun at a lower age
such as 13 when a child turns into a pre-teen. This
way when you buy a an air gun at age 13 you have
a level of maturity. With this solution you are
acquiring responsibility, learning the harm a gun
can cause, and builds safety skills for when or if
you buy a real firearm.
A second solution is to raise the age to purchase a
rifle or a shotgun to 21 where the hand guns are
allowed to be purchased. This way you are not
giving the choice to a 18 year old to either buy an
air gun or a shotgun or rifle.
A third solution is to change the law so that a
person the age of 16 can own an air gun as long
as they are following the law of using it under
adult supervision and it following the laws
pertaining to roads and buildings.
The best solution is the first solution.
This is because with this you are pleasing a lot
of teens 13 or older.
You are also no pestering adults with having to
supervise teens while using the air guns.
With this solution you are pleasing everyone.
I am contacting representative Danny Short
and senator Robert Venables.
[email protected]
These people were contacted because they
represent Delaware and I am arguing with a
Delaware state law.
Dear Representative Danny Short,
I am writing you this letter in concern to one of the Delaware state laws against air guns. The law says that you
have to be 18 or older to buy an air gun in the state of Delaware. You also have to be at least 16 to own an air gun. There
are also some restrictions to where you shoot this air gun which have good reasoning behind them. Where this gun can
be shot is the least of my concerns.
You can also buy a rifle or a shotgun at the age of 18. This which does not make sense to have the same age limits
on air guns as it does on rifles and shotguns. Using common sense if you were to give the choice to an 18 year old
between an air gun and a rifle or shotgun they are likely to pick the rifle and/or shotgun. I have also read on Delaware
fire arm restrictions, and have found that you can only purchase a hand gun at the age of 21. This part though is a smart
My solution to this problem is rather simple solution to this problem. I propose that one solution is to amend the air gun
law so that you can purchase an air gun at the age such as 13 when a child turns into a pre-teen. This way when you buy
an air gun at age 13 you have a level of maturity. This gets rid of the issue of an 18 year old choosing between an air gun
and a rifle and/or shotgun. Another good point about selecting this solution would be that if you let them get an air gun
at age 13 they have great responsibility and know all the safety issues for when and if they go buy a rifle or shotgun at
age 18 or if they buy a hand gun at age 21.
This proposed solution is also good because this way if you own your air gun at age 13 with my proposed amendment
then people under the age of 18 do not have to pester their parents when they want to use their air gun. This would make
parents happy with you so when they go and vote next year they would be optimistic about voting you or your party.
This would help you also in the long run. So doing this could have a positive effect on you. This plan is cheap, simple,
and a good move.
Therefore, I think this is a good plan for the kids of 13 or older and possibly you. Please notify me of whether or not you
are supporting my proposal.
John T. Martin
Anthony B. Alanis

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