Scarlet Letter chapters 5 and 6

Gary Roberson
Cooper Clark
Scarlet Letter chapters 5 and 6
book is about a puritan woman, Hester Prynne,
that has been found guilty for adultery. She is forced
to wear a scarlet A on her chest and is despised by
the rest of the town. Eventually, Dimesdale confesses
that he was involved in Hester's sin. Both
Chillingworth and Dimesdale die, Chillingworth leaves
Pearl a great deal of money that her and Hester used
to travel to Europe and start a new life. Hester returns
to Boston and resumes wearing the scarlet letter and
becomes a person whom other women turn to for
Example of how she overcame
her trials
clips shows an example of how it
feels to be treated when you're singled out,
but you can always overcome it. In
chapters 5 & 6, an example of how Hester
felt is represented in this video.
Example Clip
Video Example
Pearl, Hester’s daughter is 3 years old.
Hester and Pearl live in Boston.
Hester becomes a seamstress to support herself.
Hester was forced to live forever as an outcast in
Hester couldn’t sew dresses for weddings because
they though she would contaminate the sacredness
of marriage.
Information in our chapters
laws are set up by the
colonies concerning expenses for personal
items like clothing.
is also excluded from society.
only companion is her
is mischievous.
are cursed things.
Summary of Assigned Chapters
In our chapters Hester finally gets released from prison
only to still live on the land that so many people despised
her. She lived in a little cottage on the outskirts of the town
of Boston and continued to make a living and support Pearl
as a seamstress. Her dresses were still very much desired
throughout the town, except for the purpose of marriage.
Three years pass and Pearl is now three years old and is
being very rebellious and mischievous. She constantly has
trouble making friends because she’s always pushing
people away.
Character Analysis
Hester- The Adulteress that has to wear a scarlet letter for her sins,
also the mother of Pearl.
Pearl- Still a young baby, but three years passes and she grows into
a troublesome child and is a real hand full for her mother.
Overall Theme
The Theme of this story in our opinion is that sins
have consequences and you have to live with the
consequences sometimes for the rest of your life.
Just like Pearl, she was a consequence of a sin and
now Hester has to live with that consequence
The main symbol in these chapters is Pearl. Pearl is the consequence of a very
big sin, but in Hester’s eyes the sin was worth it. Pearl’s name represents an item
of great value, but at a huge cost. The cost was for Hester to forever be labeled
an adulteress.
Review Questions
old is Pearl?
Review Questions
does Hester do to make money?
Review Questions
is Pearl and Hester's cottage?
Review Questions
long was Hester to be viewed as an
outcast in Boston?
Review Questions
was Hester not allowed to sew
dresses for weddings?
Review questions
are sumptuary laws?
Review questions
Pearl also excluded from society?
Review Questions
is Pearls only companion in her
Review Questions
does Pearl act?
Review Questions
is an anathemas?

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