Helen Keller and the Big Storm Power Point (spell, voc., sent)

that it is a warm,
pleasant day. Most people
feel great on days like this.
How do changes in the
weather affect us?
Circle the high-frequency words warm, pleasant, great.
we will read about Helen
Keller. Her world was
transformed because of an
unexpected and terrifying storm.
Have you ever been afraid of a
the sentence “When she
was six, she had done her
best prank yet!” a statement
of fact or opinion? Give
reasons for your answer.
The sentence cannot be
proven true or false, so it is a
statement of opinion.
is the out-of-doors
described as Helen’s
taught Helen outside,
teaching her words for things
was a perfect spot for a
picnic.” Is this a statement of
fact or a statement of opinion?
it tells how someone
feels about the location and
cannot be proven true or
false, it is a statement of
are some facts you
learned about Helen Keller?
could not see or hear.
Annie Sullivan was her
Annie used Helen’s sense of
touch to teach her things.
Helen liked being outdoors.
do you think Annie told
Helen not to move from her
place high up in the tree?
didn’t want Helen to
get hurt while Annie was in
the house.
did Helen stroke the tree
she was blind and deaf,
Helen use her other senses to
observe things.
did Helen know that a
storm was approaching?
felt the cold wind and the
shaking of the leaves. She also
smelled the scent of an
approaching storm.
might have happened if
Annie had not gotten Helen
out of the tree?
Helen could not find
her way back home, she likely
would have stayed in the tree.
She might have been hurt by
the storm.
did Helen learn?
learned that Annie would
always be there for her.

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