Older Persons Wellbeing Team

How we can work together
The Older People’s Well-Being
Karen Ferris & Sophie Jevons
What are our aims?
We support the 84% of older people who are not
intensively using health and social care services. We
do this through:
• providing a strategic approach to promoting and
supporting older people to live as independently as
possible in their own homes while maintaining their
quality of life
• developing practical solutions with partners including
older people themselves.
Ping Pong Care campaign
Challenging what it means to grow old, the Ping Pong Care Campaign
engages the issues of ageing and benefits of active ageing by bringing the
film and game to places where older people go around the country.
Backed by BIG Lottery Reaching Communities programme, the campaign
has taken it's active ageing message and resources to older person settings
most in need for FREE!
The goal is to give as many older people the chance to see the film, get
motivated and make positive changes in their wellbeing.
How you can get involved in the Ping Pong project
Borrow the film and host a film
screening at your venue
Set up a ping pong group using
rollnets or existing tables (see
Sophie for equipment help)
Let us know if your community
association already has a ping
pong / table tennis group
Ping Pong taster session
Community cooking skills classes
• Do you know older men who could benefit
from learning some basic cookery skills?
• Could your community venue host a series
of classes?
• Would you like to volunteer as a cookery
For further information contact Abigail Walton,
Older People’s Well-Being Team on 01962
832039 or email: [email protected]
Meals on Wheels
• For anyone 55 and over
• Struggling to eat, cook or shop for
themselves or someone they care for.
• 365 days a year, hot 2 course meal
delivered to the door
• Subsidised by Hampshire County Council
so costs £3.60 per day
• Afternoon tea delivered the same time as
the hot lunch and consists of 5 items at a
cost of £3.50
If you know someone would benefit from the
service visit: http://www3.hants.gov.uk/mealson-wheels or call apetito on 01962 779338
Steady & Strong – falls prevention
exercise service in Hampshire
• Hour long community classes in
variety of settings
• Led by qualified Postural Stability
Instructors and Otago leaders
• Many classes include cup of tea and
a chat at the end
• Cost per session £3 - £4 a class
• Over 500 people attending each
• Classes can be found at
How you can help us
• Could your community association
host a class?
• Encourage people to find classes
they can attend locally
Functional MOT Testing
• Use as a motivational tool to engage
older people in programmes and
• Could you host an Functional MOT
event at your community
• All equipment supplied
• Contact me to book your event –
[email protected] 01962
Older People’s forums
• Is the voice of older people heard in your area?
• Is there a local forum near you?
If not:
• Could you consider starting a local older people’s forum?
If you are interested in finding out how contact Abigail Walton of
the Older People’s Well-Being Team on 01962 832039 or email:
[email protected]
If you have local forum are you a member of the Hampshire
Association of Older People’s Forums? Meets bi-monthly in
Our website: www.hants.gov.uk/bettertime
Karen Ferris, Commissioning Officer
01962 832410
[email protected]
Sophie Jevons, Falls Prevention Physical Activity Coordinator
01962 846605
[email protected]

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