The UK Contingent

23rd World Scout Jamboree
Japan 2015
Introducing the UK Contingent
The UK Contingent
• 2,680 Participants and Unit Leaders
- 67 Units (36yp + 4 leaders)
300 International Service Team
26 Contingent Support Team
10 Contingent Management Team
2 FTE members of staff
The Challenge
3,000 People to Japan
Homestays across Japan
Travelling at Japanese Peak Holiday time
A meaningful Japanese Experience
UK Contingent
• Arrive Tokyo from UK
• Mimasu Tokyo/ HoHo Japan
• 23rd World Scout Jamboree: 28th July- 8th
August 2015 - 12 Days
• HoHo Japan/ Mimasu Tokyo
• Return to UK
Jamboree Site
Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
Coordinates: N 34°01’ , E131°23’
Altitude: 2.7m - 15.8m
Avg. Rainfall: 4.1mm / day
• Hot and Humid!
• Average day time temperature: 30°C
• Average night time temperature: 25°C
Peace Programme
Global Development
Exploring nature
Cross roads of culture
City of science
Community projects
Water activities
Why Jamboree?
• Why do we support young people and
adults to attend?
Personal development
Experiencing other cultures
Life skills
Learning about the world and issues that
affect other young people first hand
- Celebration of scouting, around the world
Selecting young people

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