Managing the UK*s water supply

Managing the UK’s water supply
•Increasing demand for water
•A case study of a dam/reservoir
•The need for sustainable supplies.
What issues are created as a result of
the construction of a dam and its
Rutland Water is located in Rutland, in the English East
Midlands. It is a man-made pump storage reservoir
created by the damming of the Gwash Valley in 1975
and is the largest reservoir in the United Kingdom
It is filled by the River Welland and the River Nene
The dam is 35 metres high, up to 810 metres wide at
its base, and 1200 metres long.
The main reasons for choosing this site were the availability of clay within the
reservoir area to build the dam, the nearness of the River Welland and the River
Nene to supply the water required, and its central location to the area requiring the
What issues are created as a result of
the construction of a dam and its
NB issues = ?
Rutland water has to be managed
What does this mean?
sustainable activities - ones where
the needs of the present
generation are met without
compromising the needs of future
How can it be done?
Using water
All water companies are required to produce a Water Resources Management Plan
(WRMP). Our Plan describes how we propose to maintain a secure balance between
water supplies and demand for water through investment in demand management
and water resource developments over 25 years between 2010 and 2035.
We only have to look at the UK but...
And it isn’t just dams... “Water Wars: Climate change may spark conflict “
John Reid warns climate change may spark conflict between nations - and says British
armed forces must be ready to tackle the violence

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