creative businesses

We are
Creative &
We believe that true economic
growth in the creative and cultural
industries in the UK can only
happen with access to the right
skills and talent.
Access to industry-endorsed
information, advice and guidance
Access to talent through paid
internships and apprenticeships
Access to the best tools and training to
support employers and employees to
The National Skills Academy
• Our network of creative
businesses and training
providers who are committed to
the provision of high quality
creative education and training,
apprenticeships and careers advice
• Together, we’ve created over
3,500 Creative Apprenticeships
in the UK since 2008, and we’re
delivering a further 6,500 jobs in
the next two years.
Our education partners:
Creative Employment Programme
£15m Arts Council England Fund
to create 6,500 jobs for unemployed young
people aged 16-24 in the cultural sector.
Wage subsidies available to support:
1,600 Traineeships
2,900 Apprenticeships
2,000 Paid Internships
England only
Ends 31 March 2016
Apprenticeship Funding Available
£1500 – £2000
If working within
Arts Council’s
supported artforms
City Bridge Trust
(London only):
If a charity and
paying at least
NMW (apprentice
minimum wage)
Grant for
If SME (under 50
staff) and not had
apprentice in last
12 months
Regional Jobs
Contact your local
authority to see if
applicable in your
Creative & Cultural Skills Training Provision
Deliver Level 2 and 3
apprenticeship training in:
Technical Theatre
Live Events
Community Arts
Cultural Venue Operations
Business and
• Customer Service
Find out more
[email protected]

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