Enginuity 2014 Competition

The Global Business Management Competition
for the Construction Industry
Copyright Virtual Management Simulations
The ENGINUITY 2015 Competition provides
management and leadership training that is
relevant and appropriate for today's construction
professionals worldwide, relevant because the
very nature of the Competition involves running
participants the opportunity to experience the
challenges that face their corporate management
on a daily basis.
Using a sophisticated computer simulation,
competing teams are given the task of managing
a fledgling UK-based multinational construction
business in a realistic economic climate relevant
to the global economy as it is today, and the
success or failure of their 'virtual' business
depends entirely on the decisions they make in a
number of key business areas.
ENGINUITY 2015 pits participating teams against
their colleagues and peers in a unique business
management experience.
Roll Of Honour
“Aspire Bridges”
(Parsons Brinckerhoff, UK)
“Fluor 1”
(Fluor, Holland)
“Will it Wobble ?”
(Campbell Reith, UK)
(Independent, NZ)
(Parsons Brinckerhoff, UK)
Enginuity 2015 And BIM
The ENGINUITY simulation incorporates the very latest
developments in the Construction Industry, ensuring that it is a
relevant and appropriate management training tool for participants.
BIM, or Building Information Modelling, has become the hottest
topic in the Construction Industry.
With this in mind, ENGINUITY 2015 introduces the concepts of BIM,
and raise awareness and understanding of how valuable BIM will be
for designers, contractors and other stakeholders in a construction
Other developments include : An expansion of jobs, clients, competitors and people in India and
the Middle East
 An assessment tool for Learning and Development staff
Target Audience
ENGINUITY 2015 is open to anyone, of any age, working in a construction-related environment,
in the UK or worldwide. It is particularly relevant to people in the early stages of their careers.
Target Audience
Applicable To
Job Roles
Construction professionals
No age limit
UK and worldwide
Any location
Quantity Surveying
Project Management
Head office functions
Highways & transportation
Water & environmental
Building services
Mechanical & chemical
Key Features
ENGINUITY 2015 exposes participants to key aspects of managing a global construction business.
Managing The
Global Business
Corporate level
Operational level
Understanding the
Forming company
Making key decisions
UK and worldwide
Economic climate
Availability of work
Rival competition
Client expectations
Satisfy stakeholders
Improve asset value
Achieve profitable growth
Increase market share
Manage risk
Enhance company reputation
Changes in economy
Job delays
New competitors
Changing client requirements
Personnel issues
Supply chain problems
skills required
Interpreting reports
Measuring performance
Analysing information
Solving problems
Making effective decisions
For Participants
ENGINUITY 2015 provides many benefits to those taking part.
Management Skills
Commercial awareness
Strategic thinking
Team working
Decision making
Problem solving
Contributes to CPD
Internal programmes
Professional institutions
Discipline wide
To be Successful
Learning Activity
Being the overall winner
Performing well
Competing against peers
Team building
Thought provoking
For Sponsors
From the Sponsoring Company’s perspective, as well as the benefits to the participants,
there are other advantages to encouraging staff to participate in ENGINUITY 2015.
“Look forward to reading your analysis. Thank you so much for all
your help and support; our directors are really supportive of this
tool for learning and are keen to promote it within the business.
Boston Spartans have been invited to present to the Board which
is great for them.”
Glenda Hamilton (HR Manager for Kier Northern)
Stage 1: The Preliminary Rounds
This takes place over 8 weekly rounds during March and April.
During the Preliminary Stage, also known as the Early Years, each team competes for work against a
number of 'fictional' rival companies. Each one has their own unique profile and bidding history, and a
careful assessment of the opposition is required to formulate an effective procurement strategy. The
dynamics of this stage enable the teams to appreciate the impact of each decision they make.
Stage 2: The Final (‘Head to Head’)
The leading 12 teams at the end of the Preliminary Stage will be invited to compete in the
final, played over a further 6 rounds during 2 weeks in May, to determine the 2015 Champions.
During the final the teams compete against each other for not only work, but also the services of project
managers. This creates an even more uncertain and pressurized environment in which the skills and team
dynamics formed in the early years are really put to the test.
Registration and Awards
ENGINUITY 2015 represents outstanding value for money, priced at only £250 per team (up
to 6 people) to encourage and enable sponsors to enter multiple teams.
A registration form can be requested using the ‘Further Information’ links on the
next slide.
Registration closes on Friday February 27th, 2015.
The leading 12 teams from the Preliminary Rounds will qualify for the Final,
and for the chance of being crowned the ENGINUITY 2015 Champions.
In addition :For the Winning Team : A cash prize of £1,000
 Each team member will receive a personally engraved crystal award
For the Runners Up : A cash prize of £500
 Each team member will receive a personally engraved crystal award
For the other finalists : Each team member will receive a personalised laminated certificate of achievement.
Upon completion of the competition every participant will be awarded a training certificate,
which can be used as required for internal/external CPD accreditation.
Further Information
Further detailed information can be obtained from the website at:
or by e-mail
[email protected]
or by contacting in the first instance
Mike Fletcher
Tel/Fax No: +44 (0)1332 694351

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