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Welcome to
Library and IT
What do Library and IT do?
• Resources
• Equipment loan
• Student computers
• Wi-Fi access
• Experts
Library and IT home page
Unihub home page and login
UniHub passwords
• To get the best from our resources, always Log In to
the portal
• Paswords reset: Please register !
• https://sso.mdx.ac.uk/passwordregistration
Self Service
• Return books via book box
(Holborn Union Building)
• Requesting and renewing of books
• Payment for printing and photocopying
• Online computer booking
Where can I get help?
• Help desks in Library
(Holborn Union building) and
IT (Furnival building)
• Phone help 24/7
• Online help
• Our colleagues in the
Learner Development Unit
Expert help
• Finding and accessing resources
• Subject specific enquiries
• Drop ins
• Appointments
• Training sessions
IT support
Online Help
• Web Helpdesk
• Library Subject Guide
• Ask a Librarian
• MiddlesexUni app for Android,
Blackberry and iPhone
Learner Development Unit (LDU)
• Guidance on academic writing and English
language development
• Numeracy and dyslexia support
• Learner Development Profile
• Help and advice available for everyone
• Gemma Wilkinson (responsible for Archway
Archway campus, 509 Furnival building
Ext. 2249
[email protected]
Study support
• Skills4Study: online study skills
• Lynda.com: online software training
• Login to myUniHub for more information
Library study
• Please turn your phone to silent and leave the library to
make or take a call
• Quiet study only
• Bottled water only please
Your Middlesex ID card gives you:
• Access to University buildings
• Library borrowing at all Middlesex University libraries
MDX ID: For Example - M0012345
IT User ID: For Example - AB123
Keep your card with you
Printing and photocopying
• Credit your print /copy account by making an online
payment or by putting money in the kiosk
A4 Black and white
A4 Colour
A3 Black and white
A3 Colour
• Online payments get 10% more printing/copying
• Send work to the printer:
• You have to log into the copier/ printer/ scanners
• Printing is automatically double sided
What next?
• A version of this presentation will be made available
on our website:
• Make sure to attend any library training sessions that
are arranged for you, to make best use of our resources
• Don’t be afraid to ask us for help!

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