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Tier 4: A reminder of the rules
Those on a Tier 4 visa can work:
• Part time (up to 20 hours per week) in term time and
• Full time in the vacations (NB the summer is not a
vacation for Masters students)
• Full time after the end of your course (after the end date
as stated on your CAS) for up to 4 months or until your
leave expires, whichever is sooner
• Cannot be self-employed, take up a full-time, permanent
role or work as a professional sportsperson or
• Work is “paid or unpaid!”
Check your visa!
Can only work under the conditions stated in your visa,
so check the wording.
• No Work
• 10 hours per week (rather than 20)
• If the end date is wrong
Could be an error. See a Student Adviser as it may be
possible to correct this.
The basics about Tier 2
Most common category for skilled overseas workers.
Recent graduates can switch into Tier 2 from within the
UK provided that:
• You have an offer of a “graduate level” job earning over
£20,300 (or the agreed rate for the job if higher) AND
• Job is with a registered employer (on UKBA’s Register of
Sponsors) willing to sponsor you AND
• You have successfully completed your degree (or at least
1 year of a PhD)…..AND
• Your leave has not yet expired
Other relevant factors for Tier 2
• Must be able to meet the maintenance requirements
(currently £900 in an account for 90 days, but this could
increase) AND
• Must have had valid leave throughout your course (i.e.
should not have been studying illegally!) AND
• If you were financially sponsored by a government or
international scholarship agency during your course, you
must obtain permission from your sponsor to stay in the UK
What are the benefits for students of
the ‘new’ Tier 2?
• Employers will not have to meet the Resident Labour
Market Test (i.e. will not have to prove there is nobody in
the EU who can do the job better than you!)
• If employers employ a new graduate already in the UK
they will not have to use a Certificate of Sponsorship
from a limited quota (you can an “unrestricted COS”)
• After 6 years can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain
(though this may change…)
Doctorate Extension Scheme
• Will allow you to stay in the UK for up to 12 months after
the end of your course to look for work
• Must apply from the UK to extend leave under Tier 4
• Must apply within the last 60 days of your studies
• Can work without restriction after end of the course
except work as a professional sportsperson/ coach or
doctor/dentist in training
More Information
• If you needed ATAS for your course and this has now
expired, must get it again before you apply for DES
• “End of course” determined by King’s as the date of
award – check your CAS
• Apply online, and tick the box to confirm you’re applying
for the DES
• You need £2000 in an account for 28 days to apply
Graduate Entrepreneurs
• Designed to “ensure that genuine student entrepreneurs
with a great idea will be able to stay on in the UK to
develop their business proposition” (David Cameron)
• 10 places available for King’s students
• Applicants need to be recommended and sponsored
through their university via Careers –
• Can start work as a self-employed person once
application granted – tied to Tier 4 conditions before that
• See for more information
Tier 5: Youth Mobility Scheme
• Open to those aged 30 or under from:
– Australia – 32500 places
– Canada – 5000 places
– Hong Kong (places tbc)
– Japan – 1000 places
– Monaco – 1000 places
– New Zealand – 10,000 places
– South Korea – 1000 places (need CoS)
– Taiwan – 1000 places (need CoS)
– British Nationals Overseas – no limit
The basics about Tier 5
Youth Mobility Scheme
• Will allow you to live and work in the UK for up to 24
• Can take up any form of employment except work as a
doctor in training, professional sportsperson or
entertainer, or self-employment (except under limited
circumstances) BUT
• Cannot extend your stay after 24 months and
• Must return home to make initial application – cannot
extend from student/Tier 4 visa within UK
• Maintenance requirements apply
Tier 5: Government Authorised Exchange
• Category is for “people coming to the UK through
approved schemes that aim to share knowledge,
experience and best practice, and to experience the
social and cultural life of the UK.”
• Must not be filling a “job vacancy”
• Can allow you to undertake professional training/work
experience in the UK that is not allowed under Tier 2
• Maximum time on scheme is 24 months
• Must be sponsored – extensive list of overarching bodies
on UKBA website. Contact sponsor directly to see if they
can sponsor you.
So how do I apply?
• Check that your employer/sponsor is listed, or contact
one of the organisations on the list to see if they can
sponsor you for your chosen job/internship
• Can switch from your Student/Tier 4 visa without leaving
the UK once degree awarded
• Require a certificate of sponsorship from a registered
Tier 5 (GAE) sponsor
• Maintenance requirements apply
Where to seek help
• During studies: Students Advisers can help with issues
related to working during your studies
• After studies: Student Advisers can guide you on
procedures and options but are not able to check
applications for work visas
• Your sponsor may be able to assist with your application
– check with your HR/Personnel department
• May wish to seek advice from an immigration lawyer –
see to find a local law centre
Handy Links
• – forms, guidance and list
of Tier 2 and Tier 5 sponsors
• – useful additional guidance for
students and recent graduates
• - us!
• – how to find professional
(regulated) immigration advice
• – specialist site from
The Careers Group for all things International
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