Workforce and Qulaity - Sharon Allen_Phil Porter_Joan

Sharon Allen
CEO, Skills for Care
Phil Porter
Co- Chair, ADASS Workforce Network
Joan Beck
Co-Chair, ADASS Workforce Network
One third of babies
born in 2013 will live to
be 100 years old
An ageing population
In 2011 - 1 in 45 or 2% of the
population are aged 85 or older.
Remaining life expectancy at 65 is 18
years for men and 21 years for
Disability free life expectancy is 10
years for men and 11 years for
A growing workforce
Extra needed
by 2025
Rate of growth
Values based recruitment
The Values based recruitment
toolkit offers a range of resources
to homecare employers that
support better recruitment
practices based on values and
promotes positive workplace
cultures linked to values to
increase retention rates. Investing
in values cards have been
produced and the feedback from
employers has been very positive.
Workforce capacity
planning model
Developed in partnership with
DASS support
New Directors programme
Top leaders
Commissioning Now
in partnership with the National
Development Team for Inclusion
The principles of
workforce integration
The Care Certificate
Our work with Health Education England and Skills for Health
will prepare healthcare assistants and social care support workers including
homecare workers for their roles within care settings consistently and
underpin their competence.
Are you ready?
Implementing the Care Act
Work programme 15/16
1. Care Act Implementation
2. Care Certificate & Cavendish Recommendations
3. Apprenticeships
4. Registered Managers
5. Integration
6. Growing the workforce
7. Skilling the workforce
8. Technology
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