How open access works at UCL

Let’s do it! How open access works at UCL
Catherine Sharp
[email protected]
Open access funds for all UCL authors
If both Gold and Green are available, the choice is an academic decision
UCL Discovery (
3,000,000th download
UCL Publications Policy – for all authors
Showcase for all UCL research, all publication types, copyright permitting
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Complying with funder requirements
What does your funder require?
Biomedical funders usually require deposit in EuropePMC
no later than 6 months after publication
open access 24 months after publication
Other Research Councils open access 12 months after publication
6 months, inc books
6 months (12 for AHSS)
My publisher allows Green and Gold,
and the embargo fits my funder’s requirement
My work isn’t funded
You can choose Green or Gold
Things to consider
Do you want immediate open access, on the publisher website?
Would you prefer the publisher PDF to be used in UCL Discovery?
Has UCL joined a publisher membership scheme?
This makes prepaid funds available, at a discount
If you prefer Green, or there’s no Gold option
Deposit in UCL Discovery
Publisher membership schemes
I don’t have time for this…
My publisher’s form is incomprehensible…
Just get in touch – we’ve probably seen it all before
UCL Discovery
How do I deposit?
Gold – automatic deposit
RPS or e-mail (for RCUK green, use [email protected])
Discovery team checks copyright
Discovery manages publisher embargoes
Highly visible in online searches
Download statistics
UCL Discovery
Where can I get help?
[email protected]

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