Parking Survival Guide - Parking Services

Northern Kentucky
University Parking Services
Northern Kentucky University's Guide for Parking on Campus.
If you have any questions concerning parking
on campus, please direct them to NKU Parking
Services. All other sources are unreliable!
We are located at
Welcome Center 400
Nunn Drive Highland
Heights, KY 41099.
Customer Service
[email protected]
Tips for Avoiding Citations
If you park in a Reserved Spot
this may happen to you.
Please read all parking signs
before parking your car.
Tips for Avoiding Citations
Immobilized/Barred Vehicle
Vehicles may be immobilized for violating university parking regulations and/or state laws.
Any attempt to move an immobilized vehicle or remove the wheel immobilizer may cause serious damage to the vehicle and will result in a
$225.00 fine.
Any damage caused to the wheel immobilizer or vehicle by such an attempt will be the sole responsibility of the driver.
In order to remove the wheel immobilizer, the driver must pay a $55.00 immobilizer fee, and all outstanding parking citations.
If the parking fines are not paid within 72 hours, the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense to the wrecker service's establishment
unless other conditions apply.
If Your Vehicle Is Immobilized
In all cases when an auto-boot immobilizer is utilized to disable a vehicle, the officer placing the boot on the vehicle will immediately place
a completed "Warning Immobilization Notice" on the windshield (driver's side) of the vehicle and/or on the driver's side door. If you find
such a notice on your vehicle, contact Parking Services or University Police immediately. Any attempt by the owner to move the vehicle or
remove the immobilizer while the auto-boot immobilizer is in place may result in damage to the vehicle and a $225.00 fine.
Reasons For Immobilization
The vehicle wheel immobilizer will be installed and an Immobilizer/Barred Vehicle citation issued in one or all of the following situations:
A motor vehicle that displays an altered, defaced, duplicated, counterfeited permit, or is displaying a permit that has been reported to
the University Police as lost or stolen.
A motor vehicle that has received three or more outstanding parking citations regardless of the 10 business day policy in which a citation
can be paid or appealed. Citations that are under appeal will not be considered an outstanding citation. The wheel immobilizer will not be
removed until all outstanding citations are paid.
A motor vehicle is placed on probation when the vehicle has three (3) or more unpaid citations.
A motor vehicle does not display a current permit, does not display any license plate, and/or does not have a Vehicle Identification
Number (VIN) that can be read.
A motor vehicle that blocks, hinders, or obstructs a legally parked vehicle, crosswalk, sidewalk, handicapped access area, service drive, or
loading zone.
A motor vehicle that is parked in any designated handicapped parking space without an official state handicapped license plate, placard, or
permit, and without a university parking permit.
Because of limited parking facilities and the increasing demand of space, a vehicle will not be allowed to occupy a parking space when in an
inoperable condition for a period exceeding 24 hours. If Parking Services or the University Police are not notified, a notice of violation will
be issued to the Vehicle. If the vehicle is not moved, it may be towed at the owner's expense.
Tips for Avoiding Citations
If you park in an open lot it still requires a permit. Open means
faculty/staff and students can park in the same lot.
Please check the time when parking in a zone. If your car is
parked for more than
you will receive a citation
zones are also , if you think you will be longer than
Please call us at 859-572-5505 to avoid getting a citation
Tips for Avoiding Citations
Please have your valid NKU permit displayed at all
times when parking in correct lots.
If you are unsure were you can park with your
permit. Please visit
Tips for Avoiding Citations
Please notify parking
services at 859-572-5505 or
859-393-9733 if your
vehicle becomes
inoperable and you are
not able to move it right
Tips for Avoiding Citations
Please do not sell or
transfer your permit to
another person. Permits
are assigned to each
person. If you sell or give
your permit away; any
citations acquired will be
your responsibility not the
person you gave or sold it
to. Also please do not lend
your permit to anyone.
Tips for Avoiding Citations
 Disabled Parking spaces are for the handicap not for
loading/unloading. In order to park in a handicap spot in the lots
you must have an NKU permit with a handicap sticker
The fine amount for parking in a handicap spot is
Tips for Avoiding Citations
Welcome Garage
University Garage
Kenton Garage
All visitor parking is located in all garages. If the garages are
full the booth attendant can sell you a ticket to place on your
dashboard. This will allow you to park in Lot A located
behind the Kenton garage. If this lot is full please call parking
at 859-572-5505.
Garage Hours
Garage Hours
Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. through 10 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. through 3:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. through 3 p.m.
Closed Sunday
Garage Rates
0-0.5 hour
0.5-1.0 hour
1.0-1.5 hours
1.5-2.0 hours
2.0-2.5 hours
2.5-3.0 hours
More than 3.0 hours
Visiting Your Student
You have two choices.
Come in to the parking services office and purchase a
permit for the day $7.00 or the weekend $14.00.
Park in one of the garages on campus and pay the daily
Other Options of Transportation
NKU Shuttle & Tank
Ride Free. Any Time. Any Place. NKU Shuttle & Tank
Ride Free. Any Time. Any Place.
Save Money!
All NKU students, faculty and staff ride any route for FREE.
Swipe your valid NKU All Card when boarding.
Save money
Green Your Commute
Reduce NKU’s carbon footprint.
Buses No. 11 and No. 25 are direct routes to NKU.
Shuttle Service Operates When School is in Session
During fall & spring semesters
For schedules and other information:
Save Money!
All NKU students, faculty and staff ride any route for FREE.
Swipe your valid NKU All Card when boarding.
Save money
Green Your Commute
Reduce NKU’s carbon footprint.
Buses No. 11 and No. 25 are direct routes to NKU.
Shuttle Service Operates When School is in Session
During fall & spring semesters
For schedules and other information:
Parking Services Offered
Motorist Assistance
Parking Services provides free motorist assistance on campus to our patrons.
Services include jump starts and unlocks. Please call (859) 572-5505 during office
hours. After office hours please call us at (859) 572-5500.
7:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Monday -Thursday
7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. on Friday
9 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. on Saturday
Accidents and Emergencies
If there is an urgent need for assistance, call the University Police at: 911 or (859)
Report other accidents or incidents to the University Police Department at: (859)
572-5500 or 859-572-5505.
NKU Parking Ambassador
NKU Parking Ambassador
Whether you’re a student, visitor or employee, we want you to feel welcome at
Northern Kentucky University. Our student ambassadors are trained to help
with directions, transportation assistance and a general knowledge of the
We generally have an ambassador staffed Monday thru Friday, 8:30AM –
3:30PM, who is waiting to great you and help with any of the following
Meeting and greeting students, visitor and employees
Arranging courtesy cart transportation.
Providing helpful directions to anyone in need.
Assist with parking.
Giving general information about campus and the history of the
Speak on student panels.
Please call the Parking Front Desk for ambassador assistance
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I request a parking permit?
Parking permits can be purchased online at our website during the on-line registration period. Once
the online registration period has ended, all permit purchases must be made at the Parking Services
office located at 400 Nunn Drive.
I never received my permit in the mail.
What should I do?
Permits are mailed two to three weeks prior to the start of class. If you do not receive your permit by
the Thursday prior to the start of class, please contact us.
I no longer need my permit.
May I return it for a refund?
Parking Services will issue a 100% refund only for the first week of the semester. For the second and
third week, will offer a 50% refund. After the third week of classes there is no refund.
Why do part-time students have to pay the same amount for a parking permit as full-time students?
In many cases, the number of credit hours taken is not related to the frequency of a student being on
campus. A student taking 12 credit hours may be here just two days per week, while a student taking 6
credit hours may be on campus five days a week. This is not always the case, but you cannot compare
frequency of parking to the number of credit hours/classes taken.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I appeal a ticket?
Learn how to submit your appeal and submit online. This form
must be filed within 10 business days. Any appeal received after
the 10 business days but within 21 business days, must be
accompanied by the $5.00 filing fee and payment of the citation.
Citations can not be appealed after 21 business days.
Why do I get tickets for not displaying my permit when I have
purchased one?
The permit associates you with NKU. Without it anyone could
park on campus.
How do I obtain a temporary handicap permit?
Please contact the Parking Services at (859) 572-5505.
NKU Parking Staff
The Parking Staff would like to welcome you to NKU.
We hope this guide will assist and help you have a
positive experience with parking services.

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