What are some ways we use or see energy being used?
Some forms and uses of energy
What is energy?
• Energy is the ability to do work or cause
• What types of energy do you see in this
•Nuclear energy (sun)
•Chemical energy (plants)
•Thermal energy (melting
•Mechanical energy (moving
•Light energy (visible light)
Everything we do is connected to
energy use.
Energy is usually described as kinetic
or potential
Different forms of Energy
• Kinetic Energy- the energy an object has due
to its motion.
Kinetic energy increases when you
have more mass.
Which ball will
make a bigger
•The green ball
has more kinetic
energy because
it has more
•So it makes a
bigger splash!
Kinetic energy increases when you
have more speed
Will the ball go farther with a slow swing or a
fast swing? Why?
A fast swing has more speed, therefore, more
kinetic energy and the ball will go farther.
• Potential Energy- the energy an object has
stored, often due to its position.
Which skier has more potential
energy? Why?
Skier 1 has more
potential energy
because they are
at a higher
position than
skier 2.
Roller Coasters use potential and kinetic
energy to create an exciting ride
Try it!
• Create a roller coaster with just the right
balance of potential and kinetic energy so it
doesn’t crash!
Is it Kinetic or Potential?
Classify the following as a type of potential energy
or kinetic energy (use the letters K or P)
1. A bicyclist pedaling up a hill
2. An archer with his bow drawn
3. A volleyball player spiking a ball
4. A baseball thrown to second base
5. The chemical bonds in sugar
6. The wind blowing through your hair
7. Walking down the street
8. Sitting in the top of a tree
9. A bowling ball rolling down the alley
10.A bowling ball sitting on the rack
What can you find in your home that are examples of
kinetic and potential energy? Name two for each type of
Kinetic Energy Lab
• You will be testing the factors that affect
kinetic energy by recording the distance a
marble will roll down a ramp.
– You will change its mass and its speed (angle of
the ramp) and describe how this affects its energy.

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