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World or Human
Should I take World Geography, Pre-AP World
Geography, or AP Human Geography?
World Geography
World Geography introduces you to a world of
physical, political, and cultural geography.
This is considered a regular level, year long
class. We learn about and discuss all things
related to world geography: plate tectonics,
land forms, shifting political borders,
cultures, and world events. Take this class
and we guarantee you can pass any Late
Night Talk Show Street Quiz. show
from 0:47 and end when you want…
Pre-AP World Geography
Pre-AP World Geography pushes you to go
beyond the regular curriculum. We read
more, bring in current events with class
discussions, and create a variety of projects.
We also learn and use some elements of
human geography such as population models,
demographics, statistics, and stages of
development. Our class is fast paced and
teaches writing skills to help you with future
AP classes. The class is considered a Level 1
Advanced Academic course.
AP Human Geography
AP Human Geography is a very different
kettle of fish. First you need to know what
AP Human is. Think of this course as a cross
between Sociology (Why people do what they
do), Anthropology (How people interacted
with the land and each other over time), and
World Geography. We don’t look at
geography the way other freshman in high
school do. This is also a Level 1 course and
can potentially earn you 3 hours of college
So what should you sign up for?
First, we want you to take a geography class your
freshman year AND a world history class your
sophomore year!
Second, pick the one class from this list that you think
is your best fit and talk to your parents, your
counselor, your teacher or email one of us!
L. Waligora
R. James
R. Orr
J. Clark
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Clear Creek
Clear Horizons
Clear Lake
Clear Springs
AP Human Geography is available at all CCISD traditional campuses and
Clear Horizons

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