School leavers travelling overseas

School leavers travelling overseas
What you need to know
Departing Australia
Register on Smart Traveller at
Log on to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service
(ACBPS) website and download ‘Know Before You Go’.
Leave copies of travel documents and insurance details at home.
If carrying prescription medicines, ensure that you have a letter from
your doctor with you.
Be aware of the liquids, aerosols and gels restrictions (no liquids,
aerosols or gels over 100ml can be carried in your accompanied
luggage). Further information at
Complete your ACBPS Outgoing Passenger Card before going to
Passport Control.
Lock your suitcase and ensure your name and contact details are on
your suitcase.
While overseas
• Make use of safety deposit boxes at the hotels – travel
document and cash.
• Carry a copy of your travel document and
insurance details with you.
• If travelling in a group – ensure that other members
know where you are.
• Have everyone’s phone numbers in your mobile phone.
• Carry prescription medicines in their original containers
displaying names and dosage requirements.
While overseas
• Buy items made from animal products or containing seeds.
• Buy or use medications unless prescribed by a doctor.
• Buy or use any illegal drugs or performance and image
enhancing drugs.
• Buy weapons (for example BB guns, laser pointers or
flick knives).
• Buy counterfeit or pirated goods.
• Buy any animals / insects.
• Send such items back to Australia.
• Believe a vendor when he/she says it’s okay to bring
something back to Australia: check first.
Prohibited or restricted goods – weapons
Prohibited or restricted goods – weapons
Prohibited or restricted goods – weapons
BB guns and ammunition
Prohibited or restricted goods
Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs
‘Legal Highs’ containing controlled drugs
‘Legal Highs’ – not necessarily legal
Products marketed as ‘Legal Highs’ may contain controlled drugs and other
unlisted ingredients which are illegal to import and possess in Australia.
Before you purchase goods online or overseas, it is important that you are
aware of the laws controlling their importation.
If you import a product which is found to contain a controlled substance
without a permit it will be seized and you may be fined or sent to jail.
If you are unsure, you should check Australian import requirements before
you buy the items.
For more information visit or phone 1300 363 263
Prohibited or restricted goods – drugs
Prohibited or restricted goods – drugs
Returning to Australia
• Send prohibited or restricted items
back to Australia.
• Carry anything for anyone else, or let
someone else pack your bag.
• Purchase any alcohol or tobacco to bring
back unless you are over 18 years of age.
• Leave your luggage unattended.
Returning to Australia
• Read your Incoming Passenger Card carefully
and answer the questions truthfully. When in
doubt about a question, answer “Yes.”
• If you don’t understand the question ask a
ACBPS officer. They’ll be only too happy to help.
• Declare any food – including any snacks
(and chocolate).
• Declare any goods made of wood, bone or
containing any other animal products.
• Use SmartGate if you have an ePassport.
Passenger Duty-Free concessions
Most personal items such as new clothing, footwear, and articles for
personal hygiene and grooming (excluding fur and perfume
concentrates) may be brought back free from duty and tax.
Over 18
Under 18
Up to A$900 worth of general goods –
including gifts, souvenirs, cameras,
electronic equipment, jewellery,
watches and the like.
Up to A$450 of general goods.
2.25 litres of alcohol beverage
No alcohol
50 cigarettes or 50 grams of
cigars or tobacco products
No cigarettes, cigars or tobacco products
Be aware that if you exceed the duty-free concessions you will be
charged duty and tax on all items of that type (general goods or alcohol)
not just the items that exceed the limits.

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