Valuing Volunteer Management 6 Point Promise

Valuing Volunteering in Hertfordshire
Broxbourne & East Herts
Hertsmere *
North Herts & Stevenage *
St Albans *
Welwyn Hatfield *
Valuing Volunteering in Hertfordshire
* part of a CVS
Valuing Volunteering in Hertfordshire
Generally, I found it frustrating trying to
get voluntary work; mostly because
organisations lacked a structured
approach to the whole process, from
advertising through to interview and
selecting. Some didn't acknowledge my
applications (about 50%).
- They were a total waste
of time, very sloppy and unprofessional.
I would NEVER apply for any of their
voluntary vacancies again!
- I went for a brief
interview and then never heard from
them again. Friendly but rather
were the
exceptions. They were communicative
and proactive in the whole process.
They gave me the support I needed and
were very helpful, professional and
I would definitely recommend them!
not made welcome
not having a named person to support them
not feeling needed
no space to work
not sure what to do
not feeling prepared to do the task
no induction or training
not having skills recognised
a mismatch of tasks and skills
no recognition that motivations can change
• new volunteers never get started
• they leave very quickly
• they lack motivation and become unreliable
• they relate their poor experience to friends
• voluntary vacancies are left unfilled
• organisations are unable to deliver their services
.... and Volunteer Centres will be less inclined to
promote your need for volunteers!
1. Planning
2. Recruitment
3. Induction
4. Support and safety
5. Training and personal development
6. Involving, rewarding and recognising
• Recognition as an organisation that values
• Improved recruitment & retention of volunteers
• Recognition by potential funders
• Higher profile – on
• Access to further support from local Volunteer
Centres e.g template documents, training
• Eligibility for Hertfordshire Valuing Volunteer
Management Award
• A starting point for accreditation e.g. IiV
Valuing Volunteer Management
6 Point Promise
Valuing Volunteer
Management Award
Open Meeting
How can we help?
Template documents
1:1 support
Recognition – certificate / website
• Volunteering Policy
• Equality & Diversity
• Confidentiality
• Health & Safety
• Problem Solving
• Safeguarding
• Application & Reference forms
• Motivation
• Role descriptions
• Recruitment – opportunity ads
• Selection – face to face discussions
• Induction, Support and Recognition
• Supervision / catch-up
• Volunteering Policies
• 6 Point Promise
Please take a copy
For further information
please contact your
local Volunteer Centre
Wednesday 4th September 2013
9.30am – 4.00pm
@ Seth Ward Community Centre,
Luynes Rise, Buntingford.
To book please contact Volunteer Centre Broxbourne & East
Valuing Volunteering in Hertfordshire
July 15th 2pm
Beales Hotel Hatfield
Supported by the Graham
Rowlandson Foundation
Valuing Volunteering in Hertfordshire

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