Welcome mums and/or dads!

Welcome mums
and/or dads!
What we stand for – our mission
happy babies!
• An open house:
– open communication with our parents
• Check out our website please!
– Information sharing
– Provide social emotional, parenting
and medical support
• Keep up with changes/ the latest in
the area of child care
• Make your baby feel safe: try to have
a regular childcare assistant for
him/her every day
Our company’s structure
Barbara Vrijdags
Katrijn Leempoels
Childcare assistants
Marina De Greef
Kristien Brosens
Management assistant
Trees Steyaerts
Iris Tomzack
Childcare assistants
Kabouterberg en kabouters
Nele Lapiere
Veerle Bruyninckx
Lore De Cooman
Childcare assistants
Emilie De Poorter
Ilse Brison
Childcare assistants
Karolien Slagmolen
Childcare assistants
This is how we do things…
6 Different day care centers:
Kabouterberg – kabouters
Slightly different way of working
• Kabouterberg: structured mixed-age groups
• Peutertuin:
– one mixed age group / other groups semi-mixed
• Villa: same-age groups
• Babyhome: same-age groups
• Grootpark:
– one mixed age group/ others semi-mixed
What’s the difference exactly?
• Mixed age- groups:
– baby’s form one group along with todlers, they stay in the same group
untill school
– They have a team of max 4 childcare assistants
• Semi-mixed:
– Baby’s and todlers up til the age of 18 months form one group with a
childcare assistant
– Todlers from 1,5 years and up form a group with a new childcare
• Same- age groups:
– Baby’s of the same age stay together untill they start school, they have
one childcare assistant during all those years
What do you think?
How do you feel about our way of working?
Do you feel your baby is happy in his/her group?
Do you prefer same-age groups, semi-mixed,
mixed groups?
Questionnary in October
In coorporation with Prof.Dr Ferre Laevers from
Target: one way of working in all the day care
centers by summer of next year
Need to know
We try our absolute best to provide a regular
childcare assistant
People sometimes get sick
People get pregnant
People want to work less
People retire…
 Sometimes you will find there are substitutes
who take care of your child in cases like these
We would like to ask you this…
Provide play-clothing that may get dirty
So children can play outside without our
childcare assistant worrying too much 
We would like to ask you as well…
Don’t bring you child to the day care center
when it’s sick! Your baby should be free of fever for
as long as 24 hours before returning to daycare
• To protect your child:
• sick children need time to rest and recover
• To protect other children
• To protect our staff:
• so we can provide continuity in our care
We do not administer medication, only
medication to lower a fiever, with a written
agreement from parents and doctor
We call parents when your child is not feeling
well, please come to your daycare center ASAP
What’s a day like for your child?
When you drop your child off
quite early (before 8 a.m),
you will find your child stays in
a group with children from
different “families” (units) until
all our staff is present
(different work shifts). This is
“de vroege”.
An ordinary day for your baby
Round 8 a.m. they go to their
“classroom” and stay there during
the day with their regular childcare
With our baby’s, we try to follow
their day rythme from home and
let them sleep and eat
when they need it
Toddlers’ day…
Toddlers have a more structured day:
playtime till 11,
then lunch, (ALMA provides our meals)
then nappy time till around 2 pm,
playtime again,
snacktime round 15: an apple a day… ;-)
playtime till mum or dad arrives…
Round 6 the children who aren’t picked up yet,
gather in one room, we call this ‘de late”
More of all this later..
Please, try to arrive in time, not after closing hours!
How was my child’s day?
If you pick up your child in “de late”, you may
not have the chance to talk to its’ regular
childcare assistant every day
How to know how your childs’ day was then?/
how he/she is doing in general?
Diary (heen en weer boekje):
is filled out with usefull information:
Diapers update, sleep, feedings, anekdotes…
Please write down important/fun things …
“Look, I’m growing up”: how is your child
If ever you should worry…
• wether your child is developping well
• Wether your child is feeling happy in the
• wether your child is ready for pre-school
• Wether your child is ready for potty training
Or you have other questions about parenting/
The well being of your child…
Please let us know! Contact your manager of the
nursery, ask for an appointement with MarinaOur educationalist, or make an appointment with

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