Augment Your Classroom Reality

Presented by:
Kim Boyd
Kay Cole
 Learn about Augmented Reality with the use of
Aurasma Studio
Learn the terminology and how the parts combine
together to create an aura
Learn what digital tools can be used to create
augmented reality
Provide Lesson Ideas
Create an aura
What is Augmented Reality?
 A 3D experience
 Adds a layer of reality to what you see
 Combines real and virtual
 Real-time interaction
What is Needed?
 Device
 App
 Trigger Image or Marker
 Trigger Image or Marker – triggers the audio,
graphic, video or animation to play
 Overlay – Audio, graphic, video or animation that is
launched when the trigger is viewed
 Aura – the augmented reality experience that occurs
when the trigger launches the overlay
 Channel-Place where auras are saved
Aurasma Studio
 Enables aura to play from any device that has
Aurasma downloaded
 Must follow user/channel
 Requires teacher to setup account
 Aurasma Studio
Tools for Creating Aura
 Aurasma App –initiate the aura
 Aurasma Studio- create and house aura
 Digital Camera or iPad Camera – Create Video or
take picture
Movie Maker or iMovie – create video
Tellegami – create video with character
Explain Everything – whiteboard app to create
Sock Puppets Complete – create video with
explanation using sock puppets
Lesson Ideas
Science Fair – Create video of science
experiment and the marker would be next to
the project so that others could scan and listen
to the students presentation.
Virtual Museum – Create a virtual museum of
famous person. A marker for each person could
be hung in a hallway and then other students
could scan the marker to watch a video on the
More Lesson Ideas
 Mini-Lessons – This could be a station. A
student could scan a problem and a video of
the teacher teaching the concept would
 Classroom Rules –Create video
demonstrating classroom rules the markers
could be a picture of the rule.
 Virtual Teacher Introduction – Use photo
app to create video of staff member
introducing themselves and course
objectives/duties. Student scans marker to
“meet” the person.
More Lesson Ideas
 Equipment How-To – create video on how to
use a piece of equipment. The marker could be
a picture of the equipment.
 Science Labs-Create video on a science lab.
The marker could be an element from the lab.
 Spotlight an Element - Create video about an
element with a picture representing the
element as a marker.
More Lesson Ideas
 Book Trailers – Create book trailer about why
other students should read a book. A picture
of the book would be the marker.
 Artist-Create video about artist or art piece
with the art piece as the marker.
 Math Problem – Create video possibly with a
whiteboard app on how to solve problem. Use
the problem as the marker.
 Amendments - Create a video and use a
picture that represents the amendment as the
More Lesson Ideas
 Virtual Vocabulary Wall
 Augment Worksheets
 Answers to worksheet
Aurasma Studio Video
Create an Aurasma Account
 Google Chrome –
 Sign Up
- Create Username
- Provide e-mail address
- Type in Password
Create an Aura
 Upload a trigger image
 Recommended image size at most 480 x 640
 Upload an overlay – images, videos, 3D scenes,
or models
 Formats: MP4, FLV, PNG, JPEG and >TAR (3D)
 Create a channel – like a folder
 Private or Public
 Create Aura
 Add overlay to trigger image
 Add commands or actions
Create a New Aura
 Select
located top right
 Select
 Select
Upload new image to Aurasma
Select Existing Image in Aurasma
Trigger Image
 Name the trigger image
 Select Browse to navigate to the location of the
trigger image
Add a URL for the Trigger Image
 Find Trigger Image on Browser
 Right click on the Image
 Select Copy Image URL
 Select Trigger Image
 Add
 Name the Trigger Image
 Select Browse by Training Image
 Paste the URL by File Name
 Save – Image will appear
 Video
Explain Everything
YakIt Kids
 Image
 Snipping Tool
 Photoshop
 3D
Adding an Overlay
 Select
Upload new overlay to Aurasma
Select Existing Overlay in Aurasma
 Name the Overlay
 Select browse to navigate to the location of the overlay
 Resize overlay
Add Action to Overlay
 Select the Add Actions link
 Select the type of Action desired
 Select the Add Action Button
Add Action to Overlay Continued
 Select what is to happen when the action is performed
 Select Next
 Name the Aura
Add Hashtags
 Private-still working on aura
 Public – visible, provided someone has followed
your account and has access to the trigger
 Combination of a trigger image with an overlay
Contact Info
Kim Boyd –
[email protected]
Kay Cole –
[email protected]

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