How to Advertise Your Club Events

Ways you can get the word out about your club and events.
 Post PowerPoint slide to advertise your club’s meeting date and times
or an upcoming event
 Slide needs:
 Club’s name
 Date, Time, and Location of meeting or event
 What the event or reason for meeting is
 Some sort of design, picture etc.
 Send PowerPoint slide to [email protected]
 To have your club information displayed on the big screens, contact
Mark Owsley at [email protected]
 Send PowerPoint slide 1-2 weeks before event
 Include
 Name of hosting club
 Date, time, location,
 Generic Slides like Club Meeting slides will be removed at the end
of the quarter
 17 Student Life Boards around campus used for students activities
 Bring 17 visually appealing posters/large flyers with
 Name of club
 Date, Location, Time in prominent letters
 Comments about event/ other important information
 You cannot post these on the boards yourselves- you need to bring
them to the Student Life Front Desk for approval
 We will post the signs for you 
 We have the ability to send out a limited number of messages to our
 Please send an email to Sarah Gruhler at [email protected] stating
 The desired date to be sent
 The email title
 Who the email is from and to whom responses should be made.
 We can post on our Facebook page a blurb of your event along with a
 Please email the ASCC PR Director at [email protected] with your
blurb at least three days before your event
 Blurb should be in grammatically correct English and include:
 Name of club
 Name of event
 Time, location, and Date
 Contact information for people with ??
 Shows the Who, What, When and Where of many events
 Can have reoccurring events or an upcoming event (at least a month
or so beforehand)
 Email the ASCC PR Director at [email protected] before the 24th of
each month
 It may be important to add the why: learn
, meet
, etc
 Note: due to limited space and the volume of requests, your event
may not make it on the calendar- send in information as soon as you
 Hand flyers to students
 Please let the Club Coordinator know when you plan to be handing
out flyers.
 You can use Student Life resources up to 20 pages on the copier or
 You just need to ask a Student Life or ASCC Staff for assistance
 In order to qualify for CSF, you must advertise with at least
1 method for at least 1 week in advance of event
 It is always a good idea to advertise when and where your
clubs are meeting through a PowerPoint
 Student clubs can reserve a table in Breezeway between GSC and
PUB 160
 Please ask Front Desk of Student Life Office for a reservation
 Document can be found at or in the Club
Information stand in PUB 160
 If you have questions on how to fill out form, please contact the Club
Coordinator asap
Warning: the form can be complicated! Please be sure to read

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