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7th Semester, EEE
Internship Opportunities in India.
Internship Opportunities Abroad.
Everyone will have this common question as to why should ‘I’ do an internship and that too
especially in Research institutes, in “SUMMER HOLIDAYS”???
There are many benefits of having done an internship in Premier Research institutes like IISc,
IIT’s or Universities abroad, they are:
Getting exposure about research going on in various premium institutes in India and
Helps gain perspective in the field of research, whether one is cut out for it or not.
Helps in improving resume if one is trying for MS or PhD abroad.
Helps during the time of placements as some companies might ask what project was done
by you or where you interned and other details, internship in an institute of repute gives
you an advantage over your peers who have not interned anywhere.
May serve as a precursor for post-graduate studies in the same University.
Internship Opportunities in India
There are internship opportunities in various Institutions of repute across the country, they are:
The Academy, founded in 1934, aims at promoting the progress and upholding the
cause of science in pure and applied branches. Major activities include publication of
scientific journals and special volumes, organizing meetings of the Fellowship and
discussions on important topics, recognizing scientific talent, improvement of science
education, and taking up other issues of concern to the scientific community.
The three national Science Academies offer several two-month Summer Fellowships to
enable students/teachers (studying/teaching in India) to work with scientists associated
with the three Academies during 2015. A copy of the application format, instructions to
applicants including eligibility criteria, and a list of names of scientists/faculty who
have consented to guide students/teachers to work on short-term projects is displayed
Applications are invited from interested students and teachers from all universities
and colleges affiliated to UGC/AICTE/MCI/Accredited Institutions of State
Universities for these Fellowships. The application should include: (a) the
application form in the prescribed format; (b) a write-up (in about 150 - 250 words)
as to what the applicant wants to learn and achieve; (c) the guide with whom the
applicant would like to work. Student applicants should include a recommendation
letter (in the prescribed format) familiar with their work, in a sealed envelope. The
selected candidate may work with the assigned guide for two months any time
during the calendar year, preferably during the Summer.
Applications should be submitted Online through one of our websites, or; however,
a copy of the application together with enclosures must be sent by speed post or
courier to The Coordinator, Science Education Programmes, Indian Academy of
Sciences, CV Raman Avenue, Near Mekhri Circle, Sadashivanagar, Bangalore 560
080. The registration number assigned soon after online submission must be quoted
both in the hard copy of the application to be sent and in the letter of
recommendation to be forwarded by the teacher in the case of student applicants.
To foster collaborations with the Centre’s faculty and to provide research
opportunities, the Centre offers Visiting Fellowships to research scientists
working in educational institutions and R&D laboratories in India.
Visiting fellows are associated with faculty and honorary faculty of the Centre,
and the research work is carried out in the host institution in the broad areas of
Life Sciences (including molecular and developmental biology, chronobiology,
genetics, ecology, behaviour); Materials Sciences (including nanoscience);
Chemical Sciences (including chemical biology, interfaces of chemical science
with materials, solid-state chemistry, theoretical/computational chemistry,
inorganic, physical and organic chemistry); Physical Sciences (including
experimental and theoretical condensed-matter and materials physics,
statistical physics, organic electronics and experimental nano biotechnology);
Engineering Sciences (including fluid dynamics, nonlinear dynamics, and
thermal and chemical engineering); and Atmospheric Sciences.
Application form may be downloaded from The completed
application should be sent by post in the envelope super scribing ‘Visiting Fellowship
Programme 2014. The application should be sent to The Academic Coordinator,
JNCASR, Jakkur, Bangalore -560 064 by 30 August 2014. The awardees will be notified
by 1 September 2014.
The fellowship is tenable for 3 months and the total period of stay in the Centre should be
no less than 60 days. The fellowship carries an honorarium of Rs 25000 per month. The
timing of the visit may be decided according to mutual convenience. Research scientists
or engineers with a Ph.D, who have permanent positions in educational institutions or
R&D laboratories are invited to apply. Individuals who have applied or utilized this
Visiting Fellowship Programme earlier, need not apply.
The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research was conceived and founded by the distinguished
Indian Scientist Dr. Homi Bhabha in June 1945 with the active support of the Sir Dorabji Tata
Trust and the Government of Bombay Presidency. In 1962, the Institute shifted to its present
picturesque campus at Colaba on the shores of the Arabian Sea.
At TIFR, research is carried out in frontline areas of all the fundamental sciences: Biology,
Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics, as well as in the field of Science
Education. TIFR Scientists are world leaders in several fields and their published contributions to
scientific knowledge are internationally recognised. Over the years, the Institute has developed
many new areas of research as well as training programmes.
The faculty at TIFR is subdivided into three Schools: The School of Mathematics, The School of
Natural Sciences and The School of Technology & Computer Science. TIFR has three National
Centres: the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bangalore, the National Centre for
Radio Astrophysics (NCRA), Pune and the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE),
Mankhurd, Mumbai. The School of Mathematics has a Centre for Applicable Mathematics
(CAM) at Bangalore, focusing on applicable mathematics.
In addition, the TIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences (TCIS) has started at the second
campus of TIFR on a 200 acre plot at Hyderabad. TIFR's International Centre for Theoretical
Sciences (ICTS) at Bangalore was started in 2007. It is conceived to contribute to the growth of
excellence in basic sciences, through conferences, interactions and cross-fertilization between
In May 2002, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research was accorded Deemed University status by
the University Grants Commission. Since then TIFR has started awarding its own Degrees.
The Visiting Students' Research Programme (VSRP-2014) will be held at TIFR, Mumbai during the period
May 12 to July 9, 2014.
VSRP for Mathematics will be held from June 9 - July 9, 2014. For details, please also see School of
Mathematics website.
Click here if you wish to apply for VSRP at NCRA, Pune
Participants are paid a monthly stipend of Rs 7000/-, Sleeper class return railway fare and are provided with
shared hostel accommodation.
Physics/Chemistry :
Pre-final year students of M.Sc./B.E./B.Tech.
Pre-final year students of M.Sc./B.E./B.Tech. Students doing M.Pharm., Medicine/Engineering will be also
be considered.
Pre-final and final year students of M.A./M.Sc./M-Stat./B.Tech. Exceptionally bright pre-final and final
year students of B.Sc./B.Stat./B.Math. will also be considered.
Computer & Systems Sciences
Pre-final year students of B.E. / B.Tech. / M.Sc. / M.C.A. / M.E. / M.Tech.
Last date for application :
For Maths - February 16, 2014
For all other subjects - January 21, 2014
Referee Reports of applicants submitting online applications sent by post / courier will be accepted till one
week after the last date.
INTERNSHIP AT IISc and IIT’s through E-mail
Apart from the various internship opportunities mentioned before, another way of
interning at premier institutes like IIT’s and IISc is by e-mailing the professors there.
Select professors in your area of interests in IIT’s and IISc and mail them describing your
area of interest along with your C.V.
Problems faced in this process involves professor not seeing your mail or your mails end
up being spammed.
A Good strategy to adopt is as follows:
Write the mail clearly so that the professor is clear about what you want to do and read
the papers published by the profs and write that you read the prof’s X paper and found it
very interesting in the mail.
Send the mail in morning by 8, so that when the professor opens his mail, there is very
little chance of him missing your mail.
If the prof doesn’t reply by 2-3 days, mail him again.
Mail to lots of profs, so that the chances of getting a reply is high.
Don’t get disheartened by negative or no response.
Internship opportunities Abroad
There are as many opportunities abroad as many in India. Again the reason for interning
abroad are the same as the one’s given in the Introduction. Added to this, is the exposure
one gets at a global level by interning in foreign Universities and also the experience of
seeing new places and meeting new people is unique altogether in itself. There is also scope
for increasing your bank balance significantly interning abroad :P.
Some of the Internship opportunities abroad are:
Mitacs Globalink Research Internships, Canada.
Charpak Research Internship Program, France.
UQ Winter Research Program, Australia.
SURF, Caltech, USA.
Student Summer Program, CERN, Geneva.
Mitacs Globalink Research Internships
Are you an excellent student interested in developing your research expertise with top professors? Are
you an undergraduate student from Brazil, France, China, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Turkey or
Vietnam interested in exploring your field of study in Canada? Would you want to be considered for
graduate funding in Canada? Would you like your résumé to include research, professional skills, and
international experience?
Mitacs Globalink Research Internships can offer you an international experience like no other.
Canada features excellent universities, outstanding research facilities, cutting-edge industry
innovation, and unparalleled undergraduate training opportunities.
Each year between May and September, Globalink Research Internships bring a select group of
international undergraduate students (who have competed to join the program) to do research in
universities across Canada. During their internships, students participate in research projects under the
supervision of outstanding faculty members, work with graduate students & research associates, and
experience the many one-of-a-kind educational, social, and recreational opportunities Canada has to
What a Mitacs Globalink Research Internship offers you
A 12-week internship that increases your knowledge of and explores hands-on research in your
field of study
Access to Canada’s unique research landscape: applied, dynamic and innovative
A rewarding experience combining academic research at a Canadian university campus,
professional skills development workshops and social activities
A chance for you to explore your independence and gain international experience in a new country
The opportunity for you to connect with potential graduate supervisors should you be interested in
returning to Canada for graduate studies with a Mitacs Globalink Graduate Fellowship.
Charpak Research Internship Program
UQ Winter Research Program
The UQ Winter Research Program provides you with an opportunity to gain
research experience working alongside some of the university’s leading
academics and researchers. By participating, you’ll be able to extend your
knowledge of an area of interest and develop your analytical, critical thinking, and
communication skills.
Research projects are available in many disciplines for between 4-6 weeks over
the winter vacation period (from mid-June to mid-July).
Participation is open to undergraduate students, including honours, who have
completed at least one year of study at the time of application and Masters by
coursework students. The program is open to both undergraduate students from
The University of Queensland as well as students from other international or
Australian universities.
All Winter Research scholars will receive a Winter Research scholarship, and all
international applicants will automatically be considered for a Winter Research
travel grant.
Dear Dr. Prof name,
Greetings! I am your name, a third year Undergraduate Student from
Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering (RVCE), Bangalore, India, majoring in Branch name.
I went through your research work on area of research of the prof and was greatly inspired. I would
be delighted if I could assist you in any of the on-going projects at your group as a part of my
summer internship from June-August, 2015(8-10 weeks). My career objective is to contribute to
research in area of your interest. I am very passionate about area of research, thus would like to
contribute in it. I would be very happy if you could give me an opportunity I am a very selfmotivated learner and will work very hard to overcome any knowledge deficit required for the
project. Sir, I would particularly like to work on Project the prof is working on or your idea. Sir, I
am confident that I can contribute positively to research work at your group. I believe that working
under your guidance would be a challenging learning experience for me. I have a good academic
record and have good chances of being selected for the Charpak India scholarship. Here is a link
Google Drive Link of your CV to my CV.(with transcripts and relevant courses), for your kind
consideration. Thank you for going through my application. I'm looking forward to hearing back
from you.
Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,
Your Name
Mail Signature
Badarish C A
Abhijit Gadad
Shreyas S Budgur 9591331789

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