Workshop #2 Nov. 27th: 6:30-7:30 Bump West

SOAP Workshop
Oct 30th - 6:00 EEP 253
SOAP Applications, Budgeting, Details, and Important Dates
To distribute funds from the
Student Association Senate,
Foundation, and other resources
to registered student
organizations at the South Dakota
School of Mines and Technology.
Funding Process
1 →Workshops
2 → Submit a Budget
3 → Presentation
4 → Keep accurate records
SOAP funds CANNOT be used for
the following
Religious or political organizations
Officer or member salaries
Organizations with closed or limited
Other Restrictions
Clothing Purchases – SOAP funds can be
used to fund a maximum of 50% of
clothing purchases
Travel Expenses – All travel expenses
are reimbursed at state rate
Food – Food may only be purchased for
recruitment/recognition events.
Fill out a paper application
available on the Student
Association website.
Submit a Paper Copy and E-mail
one to
[email protected]
Members and Member Activity
Current Account Balances
Current Budget (July 2012-June
Projected Budget (July 2013-June
Total Request
Dress Up!
Tell us what your organization
does and how it benefits the
Make a Power Point!
Have someone who knows your
budget present (Current and
Projected) DO NOT include the
budget on your power point!
INCLUDE fundraising!
Community Presentation
You present in front of your peers
Length of Presentation – 5 min.
Questions from SOAP Com. – 5 min.
Questions from other orgs. – 5 min.
$0-$50 – Petty Cash/Cashiers Office
$50-$300 – Check Request
$300+ – Purchase Order
Note: Check Requests and Purchase
Orders will be taken care of by the
business office for SOAP funding and
the Foundation for Foundation
Account funds
More Info
If you’re here, this step is DONE!
Last Day for Budget Submittal:
No later than 4:00 pm Friday, Nov. 30th
Last Day for Review:
No later than 4:00 pm Friday, Dec. 7th
SOAP Presentation Dates:
Jan 26th - 27th – see web for details

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