Crisis Committees

Crisis Committees
What are Crisis Committees
They are simulation committees, where delegates must
react to various crises that arise throughout the
They Involve:
Quick thinking
Spontaneous debate
Types of Crisis Committees
Single Committees
Joint Crisis Committees (JCCs)—Two or more
committees interacting with each where the actions of
one affect the other
Historical, Future, Present, ‘Alternative’
*Committees usually consist of approx. 10-30 people
Rules and Procedure
Normal MUN rules and procedure apply to crisis
However, most crisis committees abandon the ordering
of speeches for moderated caucuses
Even though normal rules apply, be sure to read the
background guide of you committee because each
committee has its own unique rules
Ways to Communicate/Carry
Out Orders In Simulations
Press Releases
Are used to direct the actions of one’s own country,
organization or affiliated body
If you are representing a specific character (not a
country), you must know what commands are
reasonably within your character’s capabilities
Ex: Directive
To: The U.S. government
From: Barack Obama
-Send 2,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.
Are used for making inquiries and for discussions that do not involve
giving direct orders
Use if you want to ask a delegate whether or not his/her country
would look favorably upon a given policy or action
Can be used to determine if you country would be supportive of an
action or policy
Example: Communiqué
To: France
From: The United States
-Would France be willing to support Resolution 1.2? If
not, what provisions would you like to see in the
Press Release
Used to make public statements
Use if you have information you feel needs to go public (i.e.
signing of a treaty, denouncement/endorsement of an action, etc.)
You send press releases to the dais, and then the dais should read
out your press release to the committee
Example: Press Release
From: North Korea
-We deny all accusations of human rights violations made by the UN.
Our great and irresistibly attractive leader, Kim Jong Un, would like to
warn everyone that foreign intervention will not be tolerated
Practice: What would you do?
You are representing President Obama on a Crisis
Committee of the Presidential Cabinet. You have just
been notified that a case of Mad Cows disease has been
found in a major beef production plant in Idaho. This
cattle company contributes to hundreds of thousands
of beef products a year. The entire beef-eating
population could be at risk of a Mad Cow outbreak.
What would you do?
More Practice:
Your are the senior Military Advisor to Iran’s
president. Israel has just mobilized forces into the
Syrian Golan region, while simultaneously launching
airstrikes on Syrian military compounds. It looks as
though Israel is planning for a full invasion of Syria.
What would you do?
Last One…
You are the press secretary for President Bill Clinton in
1994. You have just found out that the president may
(or may not) have been involved in inappropriate
relations with an intern in the White House. To make
matters worse, this may not be the first case of
infidelity involving the president. Also, there are
rumors of possible impeachment. What do you do?

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