Parent Meeting October 6, 2011

NEW Parent Meeting
April 29, 2014
Who are we?
• Our mission
– Our mission is to use the sport of swimming to
build character, leadership & discipline into youth
of Elkhart.
– What makes us unique
Parent run volunteer board
Paid Coaches
Paid Lifeguard
Length of Season
• Now through the end of February unless going
to a championship meet.
– Last Championship Meet for 14 and unders is the
2nd to last weekend in March
• Long season
– If your swimmer needs a break take a couple
days/ a week off it will not hurt them
– No practice minimum
• Everything is done through the website. If this
is a problem we have access at the pool.
Please let a board member or Coach Michelle
know by note.
Coming Events
• Meet sign up
– PRO-Wawasee
– Conference - Southbend
• Soon
– PRO-Penn
• Swim meets are optional.
• We are in a conference. Those meets cost only $5.50
total. There are three meets. The first is at Riley the
second is at Northwood the last is our championship
back at Riley.
• All other meets are $2 charge and then $3-5 per
event/swim- Please specify if you would like just one
day or a few events if you would like to keep the cost
down or if you have something else going on one of
the days.
• We would love everyone to attend at least 1 meet per
month but understand if that is not possible.
Meet Notes
• You Must Be On Time (15 minutes early) to warm-ups
at a meet. When sign-in sheets are taken down there is
no way to get the swimmer back into the meet.
• We need everyone to be in a team cap and suit for
every meet.
– Where should you get the attire?
• Swim cap at practice
• Suit
• When there is a deadline on the website for signing up
for a meet it is final. We will not be able to get
someone into a meet after the deadline.
Travel Meets vs Home Meets
• Travel Meets expect to spend more money.
Higher meet entry fees
• Travel meets are usually fuller and faster with
more of a variety of teams.
• $20 per meet fee to help costs
• Prelims/Finals meet
– What does that mean?
So which meets should my child go to?
• It is suggested that our developmental
– Red
– Blue
• Will go to the meets that are around here.
• Bronze it is suggested they try to make at least
one day of a travel meet to get that
• See your coach!
• October
– 11 SBSC Conference – Great!
– 18 Wawasee (PRO) – Great!
• November
– 1-2 PENN (PRO) – Great!
– 8-9 NASA – Great!
• December
– 6 NCISC Distance – Great!
– 12-14 IU (TEAM TRAVEL MEET – 15 at IU)*** Yet to be determined
– 12-14 NASA – Great!
• See your coach!
• January
– 2-4 IA – Ok.
– 25 (only) Concord IMX – GREAT!
• February
– 8 Pro Jr Superstar –Great!
– 14 Conference Championship – Great!
– 27-1 Heart Smart – Great!
• $40 fee can go back into your pocket.
• Keep cost down
– Top 30 teams in the state
– Swimmers in the to 100 in the nation
– Coaches
• Swim-a-thon
• Sponsorships
Checking the website
• You will receive an e-mail with instructions on
how to enter the website
• You should check this every week
• Please sign up for text messages
Additional Notes
• Club Caps
– $5 Please ask at the beginning or the end of your practice
• Payment Box
– If you do not want your payment lost, please put it in the
payment box it is grey and on the window ledge to the
office in the pool area at Central or under the speakers at
• Meet Fees
– Must be paid before the meet.
– There is no refund on these meet fees as our club does not
get a refund.
Additional Notes
• You must wear appropriate attire around the
– Shoes
– Shirts
– Shorts and pants
• In the winter, we expect something to be worn
on wet heads leaving the school.
• End of season meets
Additional Notes
• Website
– Calendar
– Contact List
– Meets
– Additional
What do we need?
• If you are joining, we need a check for $115
(we will also be cashing the initial payment)
– If this is a problem please contact our treasurer to
see if something can be worked out.
– October Payment will be due soon. ($70) again if
this will be a problem please contact our club
– Birth Certificate
– Free/Reduced lunch form
Apps You Should Have

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